Now, I NEVER post while I am at work, but I had to let you all take advantage of this sale… sale is having a 45% off everything sale today. Just use the code ‘HOPPER’. I just bought a piece for work, but I am seriously considering buying something for myself…

This got me thinking…Is it fate that Iron Man’s credit card was accidentally left in my wallet from over the weekend??



On The Hunt: Metallic Cowhide Rug

The Huntress-On The Hunt

I bought this cowhide rug from Cowhide Imports a few months ago for work:

COWHIDE IMPORTS.DEVORE METALLIC SILVER ON BEIGE RUGIt’s silver metallic on a beige cowhide. You can see a snippet of it in action here!

image_10I would prefer this one from Cowhide Imports, which is gold on beige…

Cowhide Imports.Metallic Gold on Beige

They’re both on sale right now for $599. That’s still pretty steep…

So, I did a little digging and found this one on RugsUSA. It’s crazily on sale from $1,299 down to $389.70 using the code ‘SUMMER70’.

rugsusa.metallic cowhide rug

I am a little confused though, because the image shows a silver metallic on a grayish hide, while the description says “Metallic on Beige”…that deserves a call to the company.

I found this one from Cowhide Outlet and it’s only $325, but I can’t tell if the hide is white or beige…white is too stark for me. I just love tans and ivories! Why am I such a fan of beige when I’m an interior designer? #beigequeen

cowhide outlet.metallic hide

I found several other companies, but nothing was really cheaper…


Cowhides International



Even my trusty Wayfair source only offered me one option, and it’s too expensive…

If anyone has any luck finding a metallic cowhide that’s closer to $200 (that could be a sale price or with a coupon code), let me know!

Window Shopping: Part 3

Are you ready? This is the last part in our Window Shopping series. These last images were taken at a variety of different stores.

First up, Arhaus in the KOP Mall in King of Prussia, PA:image image_1

Isn’t this garden “bungalow” so beautiful?! It reminds me of Terrain in Glen Mills!


They also had this tufted velvet headboard


Next, is Dwelling in Manayunk, PA. I’ve passed by this store SO many times, but it took me 9 years to actually go inside! I’m glad I did, they have some excellent treasures!

image_12 This console is d-i-v-i-n-e. If it wasn’t sold, I would have seriously considered it as a replacement to my IKEA TV stand. You know, as in, just checking the price, and then continuing my search, because it probably would be too much 😦image_11 image_10image_8 image_7

See these gilded log lamps? Love ’em.


And finally, Restoration Hardware Outlet at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Limerick, PA.image_5 image_4 image_3

I bought this last piece for work. We haven’t used it yet, but I’ll take a photo for you once it’s installed!

Thanks for following along with my shopping trips! I love sharing the pretty things I find!

Click for Part 1 and Part 2!

Window Shopping: Part 2

In the second part of this series, I visited HomeGoods in Collegeville, PA. This place had tons of good stuff too. Have a look!

These pretty blue chairs would look so perfect at my dining table, against my blue curtains!image-5

I just have to ask, “Where are those fabulous things from? Restoration Hardware or HomeGoods??” These linen, nailhead, and rope treats would be the perfect affordable pieces for an expensive look.

image-6image image-3

2 rope mirror photos in one!

image-4This headboard!!! *swoon!*


Speaking of headboards, this capiz shell “art” would be perfect behind a twin bed.


These global inspired pieces are so eclectic. I couldn’t help but imagine a fun, bright, quirky space where these things could live together!

image-14 image-12


And one more global piece that would be perfect with the cafe set from Part 1!

image-13It’s hard to see, but it’s a GIANT Eiffel Tower. I don’t really like it (maybe for a little girl’s room), but it was so outrageous, I had to post it.

And I had to post this too, in keeping with the outrageous/hideous theme…image-7

How are they even allowed to sell NEW stuff like this?! It should be a crime.

To end things on a good note, check out these trays. This first one is acrylic. And the red velvety coral is so fun!


But THIS. This marble and gold tray was so pretty. AND it was $19.99. What?! image-10So, you know what happened…



Window Shopping: Part 1

You KNOW I can’t help myself when it comes to lusting after beautiful things. I mean, that’s what I’m made to do. So, in true Huntress fashion, I spied some beauties while on a HomeGoods run for work. I snapped a few photos specifically to share with you. This will be a 3 part series, since there was so much goodness to share! #homegoodshappy

First up, these 2 fabulous “trunk” dressers. This travel theme seems so collected, like it was picked up on several trips abroad…*sigh* The lower one is actually red, even though it’s coming up pink (I’d prefer it in pink, obviously!)

image-1 image-3

Next, animal inspired decor. These hide and antler treasures are just enough “rustic raw” to tone down a really girly glam space.

image-12image-6 image-5image-8 image-2

These desks were so clean-lined. They reminded me of something that West Elm would be selling…Look for Less! See how the first one has a built-in shelving system? It looks like it should be outdoors.

image-10 image-18

Since the summertime always connotes BBQs and laid-back festivities, I thought this extra large American flag was the perfect summer accent.


This wooden wall art looked like it would be the perfect piece to repurpose as a summer headboard!


And now, for some patterns. This random ikat-esque floral chair was calling out to me. Like so “grandma”, that it could pass as modern. You know what I mean, right? Just for use in one corner of an eclectic room.


This patterned mirror was so earthy with that punchy teal. How perfectly unexpected!


And this little bistro set was so Frenchy with that woven aqua and creamy white pattern. I want to go to Paris!


These glam urchin accents and gold table with stone top looked like the perfect exclamation points for anyone’s home!


And these final gems had a wonderful natural quality that reminds me of the beach 🙂

image-16 image-15 image-14 image-13 image-11

All of these pretties were found at St. David’s HomeGoods in Radnor, PA.

Seasonal Switch-Out

Some people just don’t understand the decorating dilemmas that one is faced with when your fun, bright, colorful curtains just aren’t going with Fall and Christmastime decor! The solution is my annual Seasonal Switch-Out! Take a look for yourself!

BEFORE:Apt.Chevron Curtains AFTER:IMG_3999



Chevron Curtains: Crate&Barrel, Teramo Panels

Blue Floral Curtains: IKEA, Stockholm Blad Panels (not available anymore) similar, similar

My opinion is that the chevron curtains are good ANY time of the year, but it’s always fun to switch things up!

On The Hunt: High/Low

The Huntress-On The Hunt

I have been looking for some things for work and found some high/low comparisons that I wanted to share with you.

Look at this minimalist indoor/outdoor side table from CB2, for example:

CB2.cement-grey-side-tableIt runs you $149.00…

But if hop onto Wayfair, you will see you can get the same one for $135.15!


And this drool-worthy wood tiled dresser from West Elm is just the eye candy I need to be totally inspired to redo my whole house…

west elm.wood tiled dresserUntil you see the whopping $1,199 price tag…oh yeah, there’s also a $100 delivery fee tacked on afterwards…

Luckily, the Home Decorators Collection is selling a similar one for a much more affordable $979 with a $200 delivery fee, although you lose the tiled effect, which, in my opinion might be it’s best quality…

home decorators collection.kearney dresser

In the end, you’re only saving a little bit on both of these pieces, but every little bit helps! AND…you know I can’t keep knowledge of savings to myself!

On The Hunt: Treasures Revealed!

The Huntress-On The Hunt

To satiate your curiosity about what was in my bags in this post, then scroll through 🙂

I thought you might like to see a panoramic photo of everything laid out…


And here are a few of my favorite pieces:


Lace Rhino Head


Flock of Birds Wall Art


Agate Jewelry Box


Mother of Pearl Lined Wood Bowl


Wood Side Table with Embedded Ash


Acrylic Crystals


Wooden Shoe Molds


Large Hydrangea


Gold Ram Skull Lamp


Mother of Pearl and Acrylic Lamps

And here are what some of the treasures look like once they were inside of the apartments 🙂


image_14   image_15image_16image_17  image_18image_19

Some for You, Some for Me…

I had a HUGE shopping trip for work this week:


Yep, 7 carts. And that was only 1/2 of the stuff! 🙂 #homegoodshappy

That meant that I came in contact with lots and lots and lots of beautiful things. So, the obvious outcome was that I got a few little gems for myself 🙂


I spied this acid-wash wonder as I was looking in the mirror trying on something else. She peeked out from behind me, I spun around and quickly promised myself if it was $20 or less, she would be mine. Well, feast your eyes:


Yes, that’s how my mind works on an unintentional shopping trip…this is why I am dangerous 🙂


I’ve always loved pigs since I was little, so this sweet gold rimmed jewelry dish (for $4.99) was the perfect grown-up homage to my childhood love.


I’m so glad I can benefit from Jessica Simpson making the switch from music to shoes. These have satisfied my craving for *mildly* comfortable open-toed booties in a neutral color.


And finally, this hopeful message in gold text ($16.99) just made me smile. I really feel like it’s true for me, lately 🙂 I’m really glad I took this photo when I was looking super glamorous in the reflection…

Side Note: It took me over an hour for all of my carts to be rung up, so when they got down to the last few items, I was so ready to get out of there. Anyway, there was a mirror without a visible price. While the clerk and I both searched for a tag, I half-joked that I would pay $75 for it (I estimate they would have charged $124.99). And you know what, the guy made me a tag for $75.99! Ha! Seriously, ask and you shall receive!