Headboard fit for a Queen…sized bed

So you probably noticed the updated headboard in the background of my fashion posts. Last time I posted about this, we left off here:


But now, we have finished the headboard! But as you can see, not the whole bedding situation…


We started out using this trim, which I purchased from here

fabric farms nailheads

We just laid out where we wanted the trim to go and used our rubber mallet to hammer it into place!






So easy! It took us about 45 minutes total to move the headboard out from behind the bed, nail in the trim, and hang it on the wall! We also hung some black and white photos (that we had in our old bedroom) above our nightstands, so it feels more personal 🙂 We definitely have a ways to go, but at least this is looking better!


Lets break down the cost:

IKEA Malm Headboard…………….$25.00 clearance

Linen fabric, batting, and mallet…$50.00

Nailhead Trim……………………….$20.00

Mounting Hardware………………..$10.00

GRAND TOTAL……………………..$110.00!!

This definitely beats the $300 one I had been pining after. And because we were able to hang it at whatever height we wanted, it gave us an even more dramatic effect than the more expensive options. We are so happy with the results. It makes us feel accomplished every time we see it!

2012 News

Hello! After a brief haitus, I have returned with some bittersweet news….

Treetop Cottage and its inhabitants are moving.


We have been experiencing some issues with the apartment which require repairs, that as renters, we are just not able to make. As much as we have loved this little cottage, we were not able to take care of it the way it needs to be cared for-like some major bathroom renovation work to remove the extensive water damage and mold growth, in addition to replacing windows so they actually close. The layout of this little haven has been wonderful and the coziness of the fireplace and built-in bookcases will definitely not be captured in our new home, however, I am so grateful that we were able to document our time here on this blog.

This was a decision that we spent a lot of time trying to fix, but recently, we have decided it would be best for our health if we find a better place. We have found another home that definitely comes with its own good qualities!

  • Brand new kitchen
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • More room for all of our my stuff
  • Hardwood floors
  • New windows
  • It will actually look clean when its clean!

Of course, I have been going crazy planning out where we are going to put all of my furniture, picking out paint colors, figuring out what we will use as a new dresser, since mine was ruined with all of the water damage we have been experiencing over here 😦 But its all very exciting and we are really looking forward to sharing our new home with you! I would love to share some pictures, but it is actually under construction right now, so the “befores” are really, really befores. Once there are some more things done, I will post some pics, and then you will be able to see the progress. Even better, I was able to choose most of the finishes myself-perks of being a designer! Oh! I’m so excited! Here are some quick images to hold you over…


Pinned Image



Altogether, they may throw you off, but wait until you see the final product! We move in May 1st, so be prepared to see lots of posts about what is going on 🙂 OK, tomorrow I have a post about our “miniature” weekend!

Out with the Old, In with the New

Hmmm, so with 2012 here in full swing, I m really really craving something new around here. Like not a complete overhaul, but I would really like to have a more updated look in here. When I look at the posts here, I just feel like the cottage looks so tired! (Maybe its because of the PINK paint that we inherited…) Since painting is sort of out of the question, because of the serious time commitment, I am just spending hours on Pinterest, reading design blogs and design books  that I got for Christmas, just trying to come up with some new ideas. It also doesn’t help that work has been indundating me with Kelly Wearstler styling…Ooh, while we are on the subject, I should DEFINITELY recommend this book:

If this book doesn’t make you crave something fresh and lively, I don’t know what will! I don’t know how I went so long without it 🙂

Now, I am going to share some of my inspiration pictures with you so you can get an idea I’m what I’m thinking for the future of TTC.

Jealous of John and Sherry’s old rancher

Lauren’s cute apartment in NYC…

The rest are from Pinterest…*dream*

So I think I have a good amount to work with. Just a little more depth and more personal pictures. I got a bunch for Christmas, and I have some plans for them in the future! SO what do you think? Its a lot more colorful than usual, but I think just one striking wall, and the rest neutral is my new style. A little cottage, a little modern, whimsical, cozy, sophisticated, tailored, and clean. Is that too much?

Christmas Treets


So the dinner party went off without a hitch! We had a wonderful time, dinner was great, and the house looked spectacular! Things were such a whirlwind that I didn’t have a chance to take photos, but, I do have some pics to share to hold you over until later. In this post, I talked about sprucing up the small hallway leading to our bedroom and bathroom. Well, here is the mangy before:

The during layout:

And after:

See! The little deer debacle turned out OK! And see that picture in the frame? Here is a close up:

This is my grandmother and my grandfather when they lived abroad while my grandfather was in the service. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful reminder of the love that they shared. My grandfather’s life was cut short when my mom was a little girl, but my grandmother was so strong and raised her 6 children with the help of my great-grandmother. This picture captures all of the romance and playfulness that I imagine they would still have if he were still here ❤

And for the second little treat, our Christmas tree excursion on Friday! (We are decorating the tree tonight, so more pictures to follow!)

My Christmas Angels:

And trying to figure out the Christmas tree bag…

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many wonderful things that I am thankful for. Mostly, my wonderful families who missed me while I was feasting away up north with HJ. But also for my health, my perfect job, and my great friends 🙂

While in Connecticut, I found some great things for the cottage!

This sweet, flirty, little bowl from a pottery show

This serene boat photograph for the summer (don’t you think it would look great in a little white IKEA frame?)

And some sweet winter birds that will definitely be joining the dinner party we are hosting this weekend!

I just have to get some taper candles to perch on their backs. How cute! They are actually very sparkly in real-life, and the perfect addition to a holiday party!

I wish I was able to add this ladder to my list of purchases this weekend

It was really perfect, and they actually were willing to sell it to me, but for $80.00? I think I can get a better deal. So for now, it’s this empty spot under the shelves. I’ll do a post on that sweet trunk later!

Lots will be going on this week in preparation for the said dinner party. This place has to get dressed for Christmas! Although I think we may wait until the next weekend for the tree…I will keep you posted on the goings-on, including some much needed love given to a poor, neglected hallway…


Oh, Deer!


As reluctant as I am to admit this, I have become a fan of the antler craze. I mean, maybe I am getting in at the “white-tail”-end of it, but I cannot hold back any longer. This post is about my attempt to get my 10-points on some 10-points!

I saw a really creative blog post, but of course, I can’t remember where, but if I come across it, I will def revise this post! Anyway, the creative blogess decided she would buy a cheap plastic deer head on ebay and spray paint it white. The end result looked great, but when I went on ebay, the same one was going for $60+. Too much. Hmmm, so I did some searching, and then I found this one for $30!

Score! I attacked Hunky J with questions, Do you think its made of wood? How big do you think it is? When do you think it will get here? Do you like it? Couldn’t you see it up on the mantle? WIll you help me put it up? He is so good, he said all of the right answers-he knows how to appease me! So, a few days later,  he proudly presented me with a mail-slip, telling me our deer friend was in. It was in a pretty large box, so I was confident that it was the size I was hoping for, which was a realistic 3′-0″ expanse between antlers. What occurred with the boxes was more like this:

Yeah, I guess you get what you pay for. Here is the actual size:

AND it wasn’t wood, it was 5 lbs. of pure metal. Womp. Womp. But then it kind of started to grow on me, and I began to imagine it in a little Christmas arrangement on the wall. And then I saw the exact same one on the Anthropologie website, which also reinforced that I know cool when I see it 🙂 A few days later, however, I was at my Mothership. You know, it rhymes with CKLaxx??? Two beautiful wood carved antlers met my eyes, but I was there for work buying some new inventory, so I had to restrain myself. Of course, I couldnt get them out of my mind, so I went back a few days later and found 1 last pair of these puppies hiding on a bottom shelf!

Actual Size:

Yeah, that’s more like it. The price was a little more than this stylista would like to pay
but I have a feeling these guys will “hang” around for a while!