Woodland Update and Some Staging Fun!

Hi Followers!

Remember when I blogged about the Woodland renovation here and here? Well, here are some updated photos of the progress!




Living Room:






I should have even more to post next week, once the floors have been refinished 🙂

In the meantime, I have come up with a staging plan for this cottage. Now, if I were doing this myself, I would be purchasing pieces that were unique with a traditional-meets-modern vibe. But since we would use a rental company, I am locked into their offerings. Not too bad!


All Grown Up

There are so many treasures to be found hiding amongst pink peace sign bedding and grungy skateboard shelving. Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about shopping for grown up things at a kid’s store. I scoured my top 3 sites for little known gems. Here they are, with the links included!

Land of Nod


 Pottery Barn Kids1//2//3//4//5//6

Pottery Barn Teen


Rugs USA

**Remember when I said I was going to do a rug post, but Safari shut down on me?! Well, I just realized a draft was saved, so why not post?! All of the hard work is done! Enjoy!**

At work the other day, I was looking at some rugs for my boss’ office from RugsUSA. I couldn’t help but notice all of these other fun rugs they had! I have to share!

These are so fun and colorful, and I’m not really one for decorating a home with bright colors, but I could be a convert! Take a look at some of these babies!

Sierra Lexington

Rugs USA Sierra Lexington Multi Rug

Modern Lights Splatter Multi

Decor Rugs Modern Lights Splatter Multi Rug

Overdye Ahuva Multi

Rugs USA Overdye Ahuva Multi Rug

Serendipity Fanan Faux Silk Multi

Rugs USA Serendipity Fanan Faux Silk Multi Rug

Momeni Lil Mo Hipster

Momeni Lil Mo Hipster LMT5 Multi Rug

Sierra Octopus Tail

Rugs USA Sierra Octopus Tail Purple Rug

Let’s Have an Irish Tea Party!

As if I needed anymore reasons to think of my lovely cousin, Rachel, Shanghai Knights just came on TV…kung pao chicken! Anyway, Rachel lives in Ireland and just recently got her first job (YAY!) She is now settling into an apartment, and asked me for some help styling her space! This was a little difficult, because I could only search through Irish websites (I don’t get along with the Euro OR centimeters very well…) and I was trying to keep to a low budget for a new graduate. Rachel already had the bed, bedding, nightstands, bedside lighting, and teacup canvas, so really, it was just adding some finishing touches to the room, like accessories, and trying to make it all come together. Here are some befores:     And here is my after!

And of course, the breakdown:

Accent Wall: A warm peachy shade. Pick a color from the comforter, and match it to the paint. (If you are allowed to paint!)

Agnaryd Rose Canvas: IKEA

Vintage Teacup Vase: Find on your world travels!

Owl Ornament: Dunnes Home

Alvine Spets Curtains: IKEA

Millinge Rug: IKEA (they have this in light pink too!)

Mongstad Mirror: IKEA

Ribba Picture Ledge: IKEA

Button Heart Canvas: Argos

Ribba Picture Frame: IKEA

I was thinking that on the blank wall across from the bed, you could have a picture ledge, and that way, you can change your pictures, without having to hang everything!

Raymie, I really hope you like this and use it as an inspiration to making it the romantic retreat you were looking for! ❤

The Huntress

Hi! So it’s still me, but with a new and improved name and premise! I will be featuring everything and anything that I am able to get a deal on and makeover, so that includes home things, recipes, and clothes! I have been gone for a while, but that means I have been busy catching up on my own favorite blogs and getting ideas on how to make mine better 🙂 So, happy reading!

Guest Bedroom Progress Reveal!

HJ and I are in the process of setting everything up here, and we do have a lot done for only being here for 2 months. However, I ALWAYS have more that cold be done, much to HJ’s dismay…womp womp 🙂

Now that we have 2 bedrooms and a dining table that fits 6, we have had guests every single weekend! So, naturally, the Guest Bedroom was one of the first spaces I wanted to get set up!

To keep myself focused (can you imagine me needing to be focused?!), I quickly made a mood board:


It was SO much easier for me to narrow down what I was looking for, once I was able to visually organize the room. I started with the things I already had and went from there. I was going for a kind of “Camping Chic” look here. I love the bold modern graphics with the country and rustic accents. The rest of the apartment is more grown up looking, and neutral, and I wanted this room to be really playful and whimsical. I am SO happy with how she turned out so far!












Here is a little breakdown of the cost:

Bed Pillows: Target, 2 for $20.00

White Full Sheet Set: Target, $35.00

Black and White Decorative Pillow: TJMaxx, $5.00

Formosa White Tray Tables: CB2, 2 for $100.00

White and Yellow Rope Trellis Lampshade: Target, 2 for $40.00

Little Yellow Flower Vase: HomeGoods, $5.00

Martha Stewart Living Wales Starburst Mirror: Home Depot, $35.00

Curtain Rod: Target, $20.00

Custom Yellow Chevron Curtains: Etsy (ExclusiveElements), $80.00

Bed: Already Owned!

Bedding: Target, Already Owned!

Nightstand Lamps: HomeGoods, Already Owned! Check out this post for more info

Lanterns, candles: Already Owned!

Window Pane Mirror: Already Owned!

Dresser: Already Owned!

Dresser Lamp: HomeGoods, Already Owned!

Paris Trashcan: Already Owned!

Mounted Antlers: TJMaxx, Already Owned!

TOTAL: around $340.00 plus some shipping charges, for the whole room!!! YAY!

I would still like to make a headboard, so I am waiting for a good weekend, maybe in the fall, when we FINALLY have some time on our hands 🙂 We also have some work to do in the Guest Bathroom, so I’ll wait to post on that until later!

2012 News

Hello! After a brief haitus, I have returned with some bittersweet news….

Treetop Cottage and its inhabitants are moving.


We have been experiencing some issues with the apartment which require repairs, that as renters, we are just not able to make. As much as we have loved this little cottage, we were not able to take care of it the way it needs to be cared for-like some major bathroom renovation work to remove the extensive water damage and mold growth, in addition to replacing windows so they actually close. The layout of this little haven has been wonderful and the coziness of the fireplace and built-in bookcases will definitely not be captured in our new home, however, I am so grateful that we were able to document our time here on this blog.

This was a decision that we spent a lot of time trying to fix, but recently, we have decided it would be best for our health if we find a better place. We have found another home that definitely comes with its own good qualities!

  • Brand new kitchen
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • More room for all of our my stuff
  • Hardwood floors
  • New windows
  • It will actually look clean when its clean!

Of course, I have been going crazy planning out where we are going to put all of my furniture, picking out paint colors, figuring out what we will use as a new dresser, since mine was ruined with all of the water damage we have been experiencing over here 😦 But its all very exciting and we are really looking forward to sharing our new home with you! I would love to share some pictures, but it is actually under construction right now, so the “befores” are really, really befores. Once there are some more things done, I will post some pics, and then you will be able to see the progress. Even better, I was able to choose most of the finishes myself-perks of being a designer! Oh! I’m so excited! Here are some quick images to hold you over…


Pinned Image



Altogether, they may throw you off, but wait until you see the final product! We move in May 1st, so be prepared to see lots of posts about what is going on 🙂 OK, tomorrow I have a post about our “miniature” weekend!