I found my camera!

Last week, while I was home for Thanksgiving, my 13 year old brother said, “What are you doing with this old camera?” “Actually, it’s my new work camera…” womp womp. Lucky for you, I found the old gal hiding in a random drawer. That’s what happens with the last things in your apartment when you move, they get tossed in with a whole bunch of other random stuff…

Anyway, I did want to share 3 things that I did to make my move go more smoothly and only (temporarily) lose things.

1.I labelled each box clearly and packed similar things together (OK well maybe not this exact box, but it was labelled well enough to know that there were miscellaneous things packed together…)


2. I put all of my hardware in separate bags, labelled what it was for, and included a tracing paper template to help make rehanging easier. If you follow me on Instagram (sarahashley612) you may have already seen this tip!


3.I packed an overnight bag with all of my essentials. I had 2 outfits, makeup, socks, and candy. Just kidding about the candy. Refer to #1 to make make sure you know exactly where you packed the Mallo Cups…





Meaning of Life

meaning of life

It’s funny-I never think anyone really reads what I post here. Mostly, it’s because I do it for my own fun, and also because there is so much going on in the world, that I don’t think anyone cares about what I am wearing…But, I was recently at my high school reunion (11 years, already?!) and several of the people there said they read my blog, and then my family started saying that they love seeing my posts, and then friends of family were saying the same thing, so I realized that my whole life is about giving people some kind of “beautiful solace” to take them away from everything else in life. It’s why I am good at my job and why I continue to post about clothes when it doesn’t seem to matter.

The confidence that I get from looking my best everyday helps me to be more productive, and sharing my finds with you, helps to give my life a meaning. I will never discover the cure for disease or find the answer to world peace, but I do hope that I can help you feel warm in your homes and confident in the clothes you wear, even if you only have a little bit to spend on yourself 🙂

And in other news: I moved!! I have gotten SO much unpacking accomplished in 2 days, I can’t wait to post about it. But, in the midst of packing, my camera has been missing…so give me a few days to find it and you will get a boat load of clothing pics, along with some new home photos!