My Top 5 Weirdest Beauty Rituals

Have you ever been so in your own head that you do something really bizarre around someone because you felt so comfortable you kind of forgot they were there?


OK, so, since I’ve given up dairy, I can’t have cheese (insert sobs here). My new boyfriend (insert cheers here) was kind enough to help me get rid of some leftover American by consuming several slices at a time. He assured me it tasted terrible and that I wasn’t missing out. While sulking in the kitchen, I suddenly remembered I had a dairy-free chocolate ice cream made with coconut milk in the freezer, so naturally, I burst out a guttural Louis Armstrong/Bill Cosby/happy Frenchman sing-song sound, roughly written as “mmm mmm mmm”. This caught the attention of the BF and he laughed out loud witnessing my pure, unhidden joy while I devoured the remaining treat. After we both cracked up, I realized that in my euphoria, I forgot I wasn’t alone! #againstcensorshipofjoy

The pint is, I mean, the POINT is, that we all have weird things we do that become so natural to us that we stop thinking they’re weird. This goes for beauty habits too. Here are my Top 5 Weirdest Beauty Rituals:

5. Must be fully nude while drying my hair

I’m pretty sure this stemmed from realizing that I shed like a golden retriever in summer and my hair will stick to any clothes I’m wearing like Velcro. So, Birthday Suit it is!

4. I have a strict shower sequence

Rinse, Shampoo, Wash, Condition, Shave. If I don’t follow this routine, I feel all out of sorts. It’s been rumored that I get my best ideas in the shower, so it’s likely I’d get in The Zone and forget to do one of the steps if I mixed up the order. So, for everyone’s benefit, and to prevent myself from being the main character in a novel entitled “The Girl with the Unshaven Leg” I’ll stick to what I know.

3. I use 2 mascaras

This isn’t weird, right? You need one “worn in” mascara that’s slightly dryer to create a good volumizing base, and then a “fresh” mascara that’s more liquidy for length. Disclaimer: These can be two separate brands/types or the same

2. I put Chapstick on my eyebrows to “hold” them in place

This often raises some eyebrows. Yep, lip balm is not just for that sassy mouth of yours!

1. I wear vinyl gloves to put on my foundation

This is definitely the one that gets the most quizzical looks. No, I’m not performing a surgery. No, I’m not trying to murder you. No, I’m not conducting a top secret experiment. I just don’t want the stay-forever foundation to get all over my hands and take-forever to wash off. May be my most practical thought I’ve ever had! Probably had it in the shower…

Do you have any unusual beauty habits? Please share to remind me I’m not alone. Not that that would stop me from squealing in delight, apparently…


The Truth

Since the new year, I’ve been inspired to take this blog more seriously. But more than that, to fill in the gap with what I feel is needed. I am NOT an Instagram Model, and I don’t aspire to be. I want to be a Role Model. There are so many opportunities to compare yourself with others on social media, and it’s seriously exhausting. I’m hoping to take an alternate approach and tell it like it is: with humor, honesty, and a realistic budget for the everyday single woman. At this point, I don’t get anything for free. I buy everything myself. On one salary. And I want to show you how to “live an abundant life” the same way. It IS possible to live fabulously AND save at the same time, and never feel like you’re missing out!

Having said that – I’ve been sitting on this post for several months now. Half of me wanted to share all of my secrets, the other half wanted to keep it all to myself. But, I went to the Sisterhood One Night event at my church in September, and the guest female Pastor was speaking about when you’re vulnerable and share your struggle with other women, they can share in your miracles too. And it got me thinking, “I’m never ashamed to talk about the deals I’ve scored, so, why should I be ashamed about the other things I do to keep myself feeling good?” If y’all can share in my struggle of trying to keep up with all of the other women, then y’all can share in the joy about having it all. Suddenly, we are all on the same team! And instead of trying to out-do each other, we instead share in the sisterhood bond of taking advice and tips where we can, so we can be the best versions of ourselves. The best women to get tips from are the women we admire – The women who ask for help when they need it, women who live the lifestyle we aspire to, women who have the relationship we desire, women who have scored the boss-job we crave, and yes, women who admit that they go to Hair Cuttery for trims to save money. Today, I’m hoping I can be the sister that shares her vulnerability, so that we don’t feel alone in our struggle to do/be/have it all.

Do you ever see Instagram or Pinterest photos and think, “I didn’t even know women existed that could look like that?!” Every contour is perfect, hair is flowing, clothes are endless, bodies are incredible, homes are out of a magazine, engagement rings are the size of a small car, oh, and their husbands are usually millionaire models.

How do they do it?? Well, I can’t answer for everyone, and I surely have some things that could be improved (currently working on snagging all of the above). But, I’m going to speak some truth and tell you my tricks for making me feel like a goddess on an everyday budget:



I paint my own nails. I like Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure line, with her Gel Topcoat. I can usually get 3-4 days out of that!

I swear by a good self-tanner. If I could only do one thing, it might just be this. I recently linked  a new self-tanner on my Instagram profile that I tried and loooooved called Skinerals. It comes in a “normal” color that they call Californium Original Blend, and an “extra dark” version called Onyx Extra Dark Blend. It’s way affordable and you can get it on Amazon Prime!

I purchase my services in packages. I like to say that the only Italian trait my mother gave me is thick body hair. So, waxing is a MUST. For my Philly fans, I used to see Annie Morris at Salon L for the past 12 years! They used to take a percentage off of your visit if you “checked in” on Facebook. They may have updated their policy, but you could always ask if there’s a “bulk” discount. And just this past week, I just started seeing Liz Bailey at Bikini and Bronze by Liz. She gave me a great (and *almost* pain-free) wax, and I bought a one-time spray tan session to be used at a future date, since it was a little cheaper to buy them together! Same thing with purchasing mani-pedis together, if I feel like treating myself!

I buy some drugstore makeup products. In the winter, I mix my usual Lancome foundation with a drugstore brand, and I use drugstore mascara. I’ve tried expensive brands, but I think I get similar results with cheaper brands!


I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to have a skincare routine, and if I did, it would be in this section. Currently, I’m still in denial that I’m at an age where I need a skincare routine. Also, feeling overwhelmed with my options and the cost. I’ll need to resolve this sooner than later 🙂

I use Rodan + Files LashBoost. Using Rodan + Fields LashBoost isn’t cheap. I usually pay $135 per tube, but it lasts me about 4-5 months. However, it beats the cost of getting lash extensions every 2 weeks. *Note: There’s TONS of reviews, likes and dislikes about this product. I’ve had great results and I love it, but there’s a few other options you can look into if you’re still feeling unsure!

I buy a few good-quality makeup products. I love Lancome, Makeup Forever, and The Balm for my splurges!

I had Invisalign. OK, so this could be an entirely separate post by itself. And it will be. But I did spend the money to get my teeth to where they are now. However, I was able to save in a few ways – my orthodontist generously gave me a discount because my ENTIRE family (Step-dad, mom, brother 1, brother 2, ALL got their braces there) and I paid for everything up front, which saved me an additional 10%. Altogether, I paid less than $2,000 to get a straight smile.

I got Zoom Whitening. I probably would have wanted to get this anyway, but, after the Invisalign, I wanted to get my bonding re-done. Bonding only lasts 10 years, and I was running up in the 15+ zone, so it was time. It doesn’t bleach, so, in order for the new bonding to match white teeth, I had to get this done before the bonding.

I have bonding. Genetically, the two teeth on either side of my front teeth are extra small. This is called peg laterals. “Thanks, Mom and Dad!” So, bonding, which is *kind of* like an acrylic nail for your teeth, has really been helpful to create a seamless smile. This only needs to be updated every 10+ years, so it’s definitely not a normal splurge item.



I go to Hair Cuttery/Great Clips for all hair cuts. *Insert shocked face* I know…Can you believe it? Since I only ever get a trim anyway, it doesn’t make sense for me to pay more than $20.

I only get balayage 3x a year. By choosing a method that doesn’t require too much upkeep, I can keep my costs down, but still feel bright and sunny.


I go to a good stylist. When I DO get my hair colored, I don’t mind paying a bit extra, especially because I only get it done every few months. Side note: I was enjoying a rare third mimosa at a restaurant this past fall, and couldn’t help but stare at a woman at the table next to me with perfect hair. I went over and asked her where she got her hair done, and she said she does it herself. SHE’S the stylist! Not only that, but SHE’LL COME TO YOUR HOUSE! Shout out to my girl, Jenna Frontiero #networkingwhiledrinking



I shop at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and outlets. With so many bloggers linking their clothes to LikeToKNow.IT, and listing all of the sales, it makes it easier to navigate so many stores. But let’s face it, I cannot afford Nordstrom every week…even if the items are on sale. My post on my favorite jeans for “petite height with normal thigh width” girls is coming soon – but TJX always has my favorite brands. Going to outlet stores and/or signing up for their online notifications has allowed me to score some pretty great deals., especially at J Crew Factory.


I’ll *occasionally* get a few key pieces at a boutique. Sometimes you just need a few unique, good quality pieces. And I think it’s important to mix expensive and affordable items together. As I get older, I have a little more money to spend on myself, so sometimes I splurge. But, it’s funny, because there’s times when I still can’t justify spending money on clothes that I think I can find at a better price elsewhere. Case in point: The $108 Pistola boyfriend jeans that I did NOT buy, which I featured on my Instagram Stories today. But, I’m sure to check out the sales rack first to see what deals I can score. I never really did boutique shopping in Philadelphia (no idea why…) – I’m sure there’s PLENTY of cute shops there, but I do have a few favorite around Charleston. Post to come soon!



I paid for a package gym membership. By paying for a 2 year membership in advance, I was able to save some money. Bonus, it includes ALL of the classes I want to take, so I have full-access!

I follow YouTube fitness videos in between trainings. Check out these videos that I watch to supplement my training and classes. I also follow Beach Body’s “Leandro Carvahlo’s Tummy Tuck videos from his Brazilian Butt Lift” series.

*Note: I’m not a fanatic about these, I just do them when I get bored.

I don’t drink too much alcohol. I’m not much of a drinker…I mean, if I could get drunk on Betty Crocker brownies, then I might have a problem, but I’d ALWAYS rather eat my calories. I’d say I might have 2 drinks a week. Maybe more, if mimosas are involved…


I pay for personal training. I see Tom at Pivotal Fitness 3 times a week for weight training. This cost was separate from my regular gym membership, but I really wanted some one-on-one time with someone knowledgable. Now that I’ll know how to use the machines, I’ll feel more comfortable doing this on my own, intermixed with classes.



I listen to Abraham Hicks on YouTube. This is totally free and has helped me way, way, way more than anything has ever helped me before. It has opened the door for my relationship with God and to see the abundance around me every single day. Abraham has calmed me down and opened my eyes to the fact that every day is made for my enjoyment. And it’s true for everyone, which is so wonderful!

I go to Church. Now, this is something that’s kind of new for me. I mean, I was raised Catholic but would hardly consider myself “religious”. In Philadelphia, I occasionally attended Epic Church, but in Charleston, I’ve become really involved in Seacoast Church. It’s my time to reflect, pray, and mostly THANK God for everything I’ve been given.


I work with Jacki Crawford from Everybody Energy. Jacki has seriously turned my life around. I highly, highly, highly recommend talking to a therapist, meditating, going to yoga, reading, listening to inspirational speakers, going to Church, or whatever else gives you some mental peace and clarity. I can’t say that I would have always been ready for the kind of work that Jacki and I do – I had to get to a certain place of healing before she could help me be more “bright and shiny”, as she likes to say. But I can always talk to her about what’s going on in my life and we work on how to overcome any obstacles.



I shop at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Target. I’ve found SO many pieces of furniture, accessories, lighting, bedding, dishes, and candles at these stores, that I can’t even imagine going anywhere else to buy things!

I repurpose hand-me-downs. I’m lucky to have some really great antique pieces that my family has given me. I love that they tell a story. My home feels so much like me, because it’s filled with my history.

Through my profession, I’ve been able to use my trade discounts on furniture. Everyone has a skill that they use to help them. I can get discounts on furniture, but I pay to get my taxes done…so, we’re even 🙂


I buy a few key pieces from brand name stores. A few years ago, I bought the Montclair sofa from crate&barrel. My first “Big Girl” piece. I love it and it was worth every penny.



I fly Frontier as much as I can. Frontier has awesome deals, so I check their site first when I’m booking my flight. Sometimes I even book one-way trips, since it can be cheaper to mix-and-match flights.

I choose all-inclusives. Let me just say that I’m a super snob when it comes to hotels. I never want to stay at a place that isn’t as nice as where I pay to live every day of the week, so I can be picky. However, I’ve found some excellent all-inclusive hotels in the Caribbean, and even better,  I could budget the entire tript by paying for everything together and upfront.

I stay with friends/budget hotels. Sometimes I’ll stay with friends or a cheaper hotel for a majority of my trip, so that I can stay 2 nights at a really fancy place.


I’ll stay at a nice hotel for a few nights max. By treating myself to a 2-night stay in a fancy hotel, I still feel like I”m living my best life, but not depleting my bank account!


I allot portions of my paycheck to savings/bills. This is one of my FAVORITE tips to saving money. I have a direct deposit to my savings account so I’m constantly saving with every paycheck. I also figured out how much of my paycheck needs to go to my bills, so I have that direct deposited into another account, meant only for bills. Anything else is for me!

I negotiate pricing for living arrangements. Often, apartment complexes will run holiday or seasonal specials. Look for them! If you live in an old house, like me, sometimes you can negotiate the cost, especially if you agree to stay for a longer term, or pay more upfront.

I take on side projects. I take on some side hustle if there’s something important that I’m saving for. I’ve been blessed to have some great, repeat clients that have helped me!

I cook most meals at home. I do go out to eat, but by cooking at home most of the time, I’m able to save some money there! This is SO hard to do in Charleston, because literally, every restaurant is unreal!

I really hope that spilling ALL of my secrets has been helpful. And, go ahead, tell everyone. These are the kinds of secrets that are meant to be shared!

❤ The Huntress








On The Hunt: Abalone Earrings, Red Lipstick, and Army Pants

The Huntress-On The Hunt

Tomorrow, I will posting about all of the fab finds that were purchased during the “Annual Mother-Daughter After-Christmas Outlet-Spree (or as I will now affectionately refer to it as AMDACOS) and other wonderful Christmas gifts that I received. But today, we are going to talk about the other things that I didn’t know I needed until I started shopping for other people’s Christmas presents. And since I always can find *something* that I want, I am going to start this new series called “On The Hunt”, which features new clothes, accessories, furniture, or other home decor that is catching my eye!

1. Abalone Earrings

I saw these abalone earrings on Charming Charlie’s website. They are only $8.00!!! And there is also an abalone necklace that is divine for $15.00. Since I am trying to do some New Year budgeting, I felt like I should wait. But then, a miracle occurred! My thoughtful friend, Stephanee, got me a Charming Charlie gift card for Christmas!

charming charlie abalone earrings


2. Red Lipstick

I’ve been wearing a lot of red clothes lately, but only have this old glittery red lipstick from an embarrassingly long time ago. Gross. So I did a little hunting at CVS today and found a great pinky-red color, Maybelline’s Very Cherry 635. I think it looks better on my skin (as apposed to an orangey-red). With my Extra Bucks, it was practically free!

very cherry lipstick


3. Army Pants

I love the laid back look of a good army accent with a classic white tee. And when I saw The Northeast Girl post about her J. Crew army green cargo pants, well, my wheels were spinning. I had some exchanges I needed to make at the mall today, so I stopped by Nordstrom and found these. I can’t wait to do some Pinspiration posts with these 🙂

army pants

I seriously have SO many fun things to crave, I am hoping to have these posts every Friday!

Curly Hair, Don’t Care

In September, I posted this photo on my Instagram:

Curly Hair

Soon after, my college friend, Ashleigh, asked me to post a tutorial on how I did my hair. It was SO hard to figure out how to upload this, since the video is so long…needless to say, I was having a difficult time figuring out how to edit too. It is a little bit long, but FINALLY here is the link to the YouTube video hair tutorial! 🙂

Curly Hair Tutorial

Products from Makeup Tutorial

In my last post, I did a Makeup Tutorial for my beautiful friend, Liz. I got a comment asking me to name the beauty products that I used like I do in my fashion posts. What a great idea! So here it goes!


Foundation: Maybelline, Dream Liquid Mousse, Sandy Beige-Medium 1

Bronzer: the Balm, Bahama Mama (you can read more about it here)

Blush: Tarte, Dollface

Eyeshadow Primer: Benefit, Stay Don’t Stray

Matte Light Beige Eyeshadow: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers, 260 Coffee Shop (but the single color is Creme Fraiche) That keeps reminding me of that South Park episode… 🙂

Shimmery Taupe Eyeshadow: MaryKay, Mineral Eye Color, Granite

Matte Black Eyeshadow: Loreal, Soft Effects, Raven

Black Liquid Eyeliner: Loreal, Telescopic, Carbon Black

Mascara: Maybelline, Mega Plush Volum’ Express, Blackest Black (any Maybelline would work, but Maybelline’s One by One is one of my favs)

Lip Liner: Rimmel, Exaggerate Lip Liner, 063 East End Snob

Lipstick: Bourjois, Lovely Rouge, 01 Rose


Bronzer Brush: bareMinerals, Flawless Radiance brush

Blush Brush: e.l.f., Complexion Brush

Medium and Small Eyeshadow Brushes: essence of Beauty, eyeshadow brushes

Rules of Engagement (Photos)

My beautiful friend, Suzy and her fiance Ryan just got their engagement photos taken yesterday by our old friend, Danille Almond, from Almond Photography. Here’s how Sue got her look just right!

Rule 1. Stalk Pinterest for outfit inspiration source

Rule 2. Have a friend repeat rule 1 (the more the merrier) source

Rule 3. Text several outfit and jewelry choices to friends 

Rule 4. Ask your best friend to come over and help beautify you (and take pics of you with your mom)

Rule 5. Pay a movie theater to feature your names on their bulletin board

Rule 6. Snuggle in a field with the love of your life! source

Bahama Mama

First, I want to welcome any new readers! I am so glad that you found me, and I hope you enjoy my life as much as I do! 🙂

I really wanted to share an update with you! I blogged before about my bronzer obsession, and how I was looking for a new bronzer like Benefit’s Hoola, but without the parabens. Well, I FOUND ONE!!!

It’s called Bahama Mama by The Balm. I bought it from Amazon (it shipped from DermStore) and it was $19.00 with shipping (which is better than the $26 I was spending on Hoola).

So here is my review-


-NO parabens!

-Matte finish

-Golden brown color

-Goes on smoothly/blends nicely


-Cute packaging (If I didn’t know any better, I would say that it was a Benefit product!)


-Little darker than Hoola (will this look ridiculous come fall/winter?)

-Not as much product as Hoola

So overall, I give this 4 antlers! (4 stars, 2 thumbs up, whatever you wanna call it) I am really interested in other products by The Balm, and if you are too, then check out their website!

Happy Bronzing!  xoxo

Sun Goddess

So, I wanted to do a quick post about the self tanner I mentioned in the last post.

Like I had said before, I used to get this at ULTA, but I found that Amazon has much better prices. I recently bought this huge  32 oz pump bottle for $50.00. That might sound like a lot, but it will last probably the whole year, and I can pump a smaller amount in my old 12 oz bottle for weekend travels.

I LOVE this stuff. I usually apply every few days in the summer and then less frequently in the winter. I feel so much better when I am glowing, and I get the peace of mind knowing that I am staying out of the real sun AND using a product that is paraben free, made with natural ingredients, and is not tested on animals!

Another great brand of self tanner is Fake Bake. You can also get this on Amazon, or at ULTA, if you need it right away.

SIDE NOTE: I have definitely been known to indulge in a spray tan session with my friend, Claire, at the salon where she works. It’s only $35.00 and I try to reserve this only for special occasions, since I can use SUN self tanner to prolong the tan.

I sometimes use Fake Bake’s Babe Bronzer.

It is paraben free, which is great for your skin, and has a shimmer. I want to specify that this is NOT a glitter, which can sometimes be too much. The color is pretty good too, not too red and dirty looking, but clean and tan.

But…I am still obsessed with Benefit’s Hoola bronzer.

This DOES has parabens, and so I am on the lookout for one that has the same matte golden brown color, but without the nasty parabens!

Do you have any suggestions for healthier bronzers? I would LOVE to have some options!!

The Huntress

Hi! So it’s still me, but with a new and improved name and premise! I will be featuring everything and anything that I am able to get a deal on and makeover, so that includes home things, recipes, and clothes! I have been gone for a while, but that means I have been busy catching up on my own favorite blogs and getting ideas on how to make mine better 🙂 So, happy reading!