On The Hunt: Update on Ciao Tee!

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I just wrote this post about my obsession with the Ciao Tee. If you follow me on Instagram ‘sarahashley612’, then you will see that I followed a friend’s advice to send J. Crew a message telling them that I wanted them to bring back the Ciao Tee (and the Herringbone Vest, of course!)

J Crew Email

They actually did respond! Unfortunately, it wasn’t really what I wanted to hear, although they were super-nice about it ūüôā

J Crew Email Response

In the meantime, I did find this J. Crew Factory Cheers Collector¬†Tee that might be a very close second‚ĶAND with the code ‘OOHLALA’, you get an additional 30% off‚Ķ

J Crew Factory Cheers Collector Tee

It reminds me of this Kiss Kiss tee¬†from my last post too‚Ķunfortunately, it was from 2013, so it’s no longer around ūüė¶

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On The Hunt: Graphic Tee and Crystal Statement Necklace

The Huntress-On The Hunt

This post may be one of the longest and most detailed I have ever done. I mean, this thing has taken me 5 days to finish. I hope somebody finds¬†something they like from the links I added. Even if it’s just one! ūüôā

1. Graphic Tee

I few weeks ago, I bought this graphic tee from J Crew Factory (obvi):

J Crew Factory.Ciao TeeTheir sizes run so big, that I bought smaller than I usually wear. Sadly, it ended up being too small ūüė¶

I saw this quote on the Pin’, and it’s so, so true…

nothing haunts usSo, now, all I do is think about it. And how I wish they had my size. And all the pins I see, depict fab graphic tees with ripped jeans and blazers and summer hats and handsome men and exotic places. I could have a handsome, mysterious man on a deserted, Mediterranean beach‚Ķhe would notice me by the “Ciao” on my shirt…if I only had my J. Crew tee…

The thing I like most about the Ciao tee is that it’s not overly In-Yo-Face, it’s just effortlessly cool. OK, I’ll stop now and just post some similar ones that aren’t as good and make me wish I just bought the right size in the first place.

f21.im the bosssource

f21.la joiesource

f21.love moresource

f21.tres biensource

f21.all you needsource

f21.i heart frenchsource


The one above is by Nordstrom, who¬†awesomely offers¬†their TrueSize feature. You put in sizes of other brands of clothes you like, and it will tell you which size you would need in whatever clothes you are looking at. Anyway, to rub salt in the wound, this is what came up when I clocked on the “Dream” T-Shirt:

funny fit

But to end on a happy note, there was this ridiculously fab graphic tee…f21.wearing it anywaysource

2. Crystal Statement Necklace

This is not¬†a new trend. And if anything, it¬†might be on it’s way out. But, when I was at the Clover Market, this past weekend, a cute vintage shop had a really pretty crystal necklace, which means that maybe this classic beauty isn’t going anywhere.

I already have this lovely colorful one from J Crew Factory, majorly on sale.


And I love it’s fun vibe, but I am looking for a classy neutral one to go with everything else I own. Maybe I’ll¬†wear one like this everyday and be known as “The Girl with the Crystal Statement Necklace”‚Ķ*daydream mode*

crystal necklace 1


Btw, after I put this into the post, I saw Jillian Harris post this exact same necklace on her “Must Have” Valentine’s Gift¬†List‚Ķjust sayin’…

This one from Charming Charlie is cute too, but I am not really a fan of matching sets.

Charming Charlie.Frosted Fantasy Necklace

This delicate Crystal Shatter¬†Collar¬†from Bauble Bar makes a statement, even on it’s thin chain ūüôā

Bauble Bar.Crystal Shatter Collar


I’m still wanting something a little more dramatic (surprise), so the Pearl Orwell Bib¬†from Bauble Bar seems a little more like what I am looking for:

Bauble Bar.Pearl Orwell Bib Necklace


And this last Bauble Bar gem is pretty dramatic too:

Bauble Bar.Constellation Bib


The only thing that would make this better, is if the Graphic Tee and Necklace were worn together…

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