Tagalong Girl Scout Cookie Copy Cat Recipe



I gave up cookies and all fake sweets for Lent. Not because I’m super religious, but because it was a good excuse to stop eating crap in general #guiltyface

I especially love Girl Scout Tagalong Cookies (let’s be honest, I never met a GS Cookie I didn’t like…) but since I am trying to be healthier, this got my fix without all of the guilt…

I just ate all ran out of graham crackers, so I don’t have a photo of my own, but here’s a close representation via Recipe Girl (just minus the pastry crust).

almost tagalaongs

1 low fat honey graham cracker

1 thin layer of JIF reduced fat peanut butter

1 small square dark chocolate

Obviously, I am all about the ease of making this as soon as the craving hits, and gobbling it down before you can stop yourself. If you still want to be healthy and have some extra time, try this recipe. If you’re going through a phase where you don’t care and just want to enjoy yourself, then try this recipe or this one 🙂

Happy Feasting!