Welcome to Treetop Cottage!

ok, so i know it has been a long time, howeverrrrrr, i have been nesting in this treetop cottage of mine and have been cooking up (no, not food) some delicious style. now, remember, this is a work in progress, so you will be able to share this process with me! i would say “us”, but hunky j lets me have my way with this place-although he does participate in the hanging and assembling 🙂 so here are some “befores” and “afters”. so the befores are sort of a cheat, because they were taken in another unit very similar to ours when we were looking at new places (the leasing agent told us to take as many pictures as we wanted, as the new tenant wouldn’t be moving in until the next week. so while im in the bedroom taking pictures…dont you know the guy comes walking in with this huge mattress, like, what are you doing in my room, crazy!! hmm, not one of my best moments, i must admit-but it was totally not my fault!)

disclaimer: i am VERY new at this blogging thing, so it may seem a bit more primitive than you are used to, but bear with me 🙂

before: cold entryway

before: frigid fireplace

before: wonderless window

before: hollow hall

and now…the afters! they are not exact afters, but you can get the idea of warmth we breathed into this little gem!

after: welcome autumn!

cozy, cozy, cozy

original vintage hanger from the 'shire

after: organized closet

believe it or not, we had LESS storage than this!

a bedroom made for fall snuggling!

ok, well about 3 hours later, you now have a post to read!


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