Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! So….because it is the season for “Spring Cleaning” and all of that good stuff, I have decided to apply that to my spring mantle! I am not totally in love with it, but I have been spending WAAAAAY too much money on other things lately, so I had to go with the things I already had (side note: part of my spending is due to the fact that I binged out on summertime goodies, so hopefully that mantle will be better!) anyway, I thought I would post some of my free springtime art!

So there she is in all of her glory! I tried to keep it simpler than I have before, but I just can’t bear to remove the sign my brother gave me-although it’s not too springy, is it? Well, summer will be here before you know it! Back to the topic-free art!! So I have seen similar things like this on other blogs, so I decided to make my own. Here it is up close!

It was pretty easy to make. I just used my trusty Photoshop for the job. I made the image size 5 X 7, then Hunky J and I came up with words that make us think of spring! I tried out a couple of different fonts, but tried to keep it to 5, so it would look consistent. It was so much fun, I think I might make one for every season!

I had a little bit of space left over, so I snuck in a little green friend! To create his shadow,and his coordinating friends below, I did an image search of bird silhouettes. Once I found ones that I liked, I brought them into Photoshop and changed them to a sunny green. Before I printed them, I made a light grey outline around the perimeter of my document, so that when I printed them out on regular sized paper , I would have a 5 x 7 guide. And there you have it!


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