Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Me! I am about 2 weeks behind, but now I am a quarter of a century old! I had a wonderful dinner with my friends:

It was great to have a Girl’s Night! And as a present to myself, I bought these babies:

So, as always, there is a backstory to these perfect lamps 🙂 I first saw them a couple of months ago at HomeGoods, but they were 60 bucks each, and I wasn’t ready to spend that much. I decided to wait until the price dropped. Then a couple of days later, I saw this:

(The Lettered Cottage-Master Bedroom)

Oh Layla! As soon as I saw her post I freaked out! OMG! Those were almost the same lamps I was drooling over! It was then that I knew I HAD to have them. But, of course, I went back to HomeGoods, prepared to spend the $60 a pop, and no sign of them anywhere. I pined and pined (I seem to do that alot, about lamps and houses, and clothes, and furniture, and…and…everything!) so I almost gave up hope, but still vowed that if I found them again, I would snatch them up! So last weekend, before celebrating my birthday with my fam, I decided to stop into a HomeGoods near my hometown, and “just see” what they had. I started looking at mantle decorations (which will appear in a later post!), mirrors, and whatever else, until I finally milled around the lamp section. Then I spotted her-

Yeah, it was kinda like that…

I saw one, and I grabbed her, hoping that that she had a friend right around the corner. And she did! I pulled her mate off of the shelf and quickly shoved the both of them off under the line divider and behind some shelf displays.  I then hurried into the line, claiming my prize! They were still $60.00 each, but it was well worth it!

And if you love these lamps as much as I do, then here is the tag with the website:
Its http://www.tlclighting.com if you can’t read it. I just checked now, and it says the lamps are on sale for $49.99 (womp womp) BUT then when you click on it, it says $69.99, and then SOLD OUT…but if you are persistant, you can get anything you want! I am proof! 🙂 Stay tuned for my next post about my summer mantle! Its really spectacular, if I do say so myself…

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