My Obsession with Lanterns

So there has been some bumps in the road with our building project I promised you by this weekend. By not to worry! I will post tomorrow! But here is the other post I promised…

I really love lanterns, but it’s hard to have too many, especially because Treetop Cottage is so small. So, for now, I have limited myself to three. But we’ll see what happens 🙂 Here they are!

The first one is a Dietz, and I found it glassless in my grandmother’s basement (which is where lots of my good finds come from!) The second one was a little Homegoods gem I found. It has a little electric flickering candle inside that I have yet to try out, even though I have had it for about a year. The last one is a common Ikea indulgence. You know how it is, you go in for one thing, and you end up with ten…oh well, I think she likes her new home!


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