So, I hate on blogs, when people say, “I’ll add pics soon…” but they never do, so, to adhere to my own rules, I unfortunately must make this update…the “Hmmm” post, with the lights and the spray paint will never be a project on TTC…of course, I had planned to remove the light and spraypaint them black, but they are somehow permanently attached to the ceiling, and are impossible to move without potentially damaging the fixture and ceiling. I was/am SUPER disappointed, because they look kind of nautical, and I was really, really hoping that I could give them a new look, but it was not meant to be…

In other news, I have had a SUPER busy couple of weeks, like 12+ hours of work everyday, so things have been kind of slow around here…and I will be on vacation very soon, so I will try to do some mini-posts this week and give you some good reading before I go!

❤ Sarah


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