I Want To Go Back To The Islands…

This weekend, HJ and I went to Block Island in Rhode Island. Have you ever been? It was WONDERFUL, more than wonderful…heavenly 🙂 HJ’s family has some generous friends that let us stay at their beautiful home, just a stroll away from a private beach. We had such a perfect weekend. It was so quiet and peaceful. Let me share our adventures with you!

This is where we ate breakfast every morning! If I could, I would blog from here every day!

And here is the view from the balcony:

And here’s our journey to the beach!

Well, we couldn’t relax the whole time! HJ and his brother went parasailing.

They were up so far, you can’t even see them!

While they were doing that, HJ’s mom and I went to see animals behind The Manisses:

Have you ever seen one of these? Its called a Zedonk…1/2 Zebra, 1/2 Donkey…

This one’s for you Dad:

Then we went to The Springhouse. The food was good, and the view was even better!

Then we drove around on one of these:

to check out these:

Then one with me and my boys before we had to leave…

Until next time!


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