Oh, Hello, Fall!

Oh, Hello, Fall! You just snuck right in! So in honor of your arrival, I have decided TTC needs some new fall lovin’ 🙂 Most of our autumn decor is celery and pumpkin (that sounds SO much fancier than green and orange) Although I really like it, I am getting kind of bored with it. I think I read on the wonderful Shannon Berrey’s Design Blog here:


(although I tried to find the exact link to the post but I couldn’t find it??) that Sarah Richardson recommends using 10-15 patterns in one room. I was shocked as I looked around my house-I have NO patterns. I repeat-NO patterns! This whole time I was worried about making everything neutral and goes-with-whatever-color-I-like-this-week that I forgot to put any patterns in the room! We have some colors and textures, but definitely not 10-15 textures, let alone patterns! So that brings us to this post! Here is a picture from a Pottery Barn catalogue, which I am using as my inspiration:

To encorporate the colors that I am already using, but something a little more modern, I was thinking something like Rose Damask from Joel Dewberry’s Aviary Collection:

Or JD’s Woodgrain in Green and Dark Green from the same collection:

At work yesterday I found some great patterns that were similar by Kravet Soleil (I think it was called Bamboo?) and Stacey Garcia for Hunter Douglas, or maybe it was Valley Forge…I have a great memory, but not enough to remember all the pattern names and manufacturers…read below for unusual memory lapse explanation.

SIDE NOTE: At work, I spent about 4 hours in our library looking for a specific cheap stripe fabric to rival a $110 one, so my mind was on a mission. Verdict: There’s a reason the fabric is $110 and not $50…I do love a good bargain hunt, but this was a lost cause. I was super disappointed, because I am the Bargain Princess, but then again, I probably would have just spent the extra money because the expensive stripe is so wonderful and it incorporates all of our colors, I would have made up the cost elsewhere. Thats why there’s custom. But, hey, I was able to find some incredible patterns as TTC inspiration, so it worked out!

I digress…And then what about something like Pottery Barn’s beautiful cable-knit blanket for snuggling on the sofa, which I will find a much less expensive version of:

I know, it’s not a color, but it’s a texture!

My lovely friend, Caroline, has Anthropologie’s Antoinette Damask curtains, and I love them, but I think it’s too specific for a room that has to adapt to so many holidays, but maybe in the bedroom, where seasonal decorations don’t make as much of an appearance:

Aren’t they so soft and delicate? Hmm…and then I found these tie-backs(also from Anthro):

Which reminded me of this:

Which is a small model of the key storage wall in the reception area from my final project for my senior year 🙂 I will do a post on that sometime soon!

Now, this brings us to the mantle. Here is a picture of our fall mantle last year, which I just LOVE. And it feels so cozy, which is what is so great about fall!

The rake was free from, who else, but my grandmother! It was laying in her garage for years, just rusting away. When I asked her if I could take it, she said “What the heck do you want that piece of junk for?” I told her what I planned to do with it, and she just shook her head, but I think it has just the right amount of use and mangle-ment for TTC 🙂

But then, I just can’t help myself! I love me some neutrals! Although I think the patterns are just lovely, and I feel envious seeing someone’s colorful home, it’s just not me…Maybe texture is the way to go afterall. HJ says I’ll see something in person, and he is right, when I see it, I’ll know. Until then, the only thing to keep me on track is to burn a fall candle and create a concept board…progress pics to follow!


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