Weekend Excursion

I would like to share some pictures that Hunky J and I took this weekend when we visited my old stomping grounds, Hopewell Village in Elverson, PA. I think that some of these photos may make it up on the walls of TTC.

Ha! Pay close attention to my face in this one, cause the next one shows how I really feel about large animals with heads almost the size of my whole body…
Here we are next to the original furnace, and the “pig iron” of course (its down on the bottom right)
And now, I am about to make a mold for a stove door
Oh, and there is the cutest little cottage on the right. Inside, there are some wonderful built-ins and I believe there is a fireplace hiding behind that far left cabinet!
Oh, and those colonials had fabulous taste, isn’t this mustard hutch to die for?! (ok, so I’m sure its not original, but there had to have been someone back then who cared about having a nice-looking home!)
Oh, and here is HJ trying to pump some water. Better luck next time love ❤
Here is the Big House, see HJ chillin’ on the porch?
The General Store:
This one’s for you Dad, some Good Pennsylvania Anthracite!
And now the sweetest part of our weekend!
Apple Picking! We got some real beauties! York, Staymen, and Baldwin, which was our favorite 🙂 Many of the apples in their orchard go back to original flavors from the 1700s! They were delicious! Spots and all!
Here you go!
Happy Fall!

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