Two posts in one day! Woah! I know! I wanted to follow up on the green flea market lamps I talked about here. Well, here they are:

Hello, Lovelies! They were $50.00 for both, which isn’t too bad, but the wires were circa 1960, so I was unsure of their fire safety. Oh yeah, and I have no spot for them in the Cottage, but when has that stopped me before… 🙂 You want to know where they came from?

I was imagining them in a space like this:


PS-I tried searching Pinterest for some images, but it won’t let me search! Has anyone had the same trouble as me? I type in what I am looking for, but no pins load. I can look at other pics from other people, but I cant search! This has been happening for a while now on different computers, and I don’t know who to go to to get help!


One thought on “Greenery

  1. Suzy says:

    Lovely!!! I think pinterest is having some glitches lately. I am having the same problem on any computer I use. I love the picture of your grandmother!!

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