Mini Getaway

So, in keeping with my promise, here is a “little” peek at me and HJ’s weekend!

He was really not prepared to see what he was about to see…We went to Roadside America in Shartlesville, PA. Its an amazing 6,000 sqft. display of tiny models depicting America throughout the 1600s to 1960s. Every building was made by hand! (Insert bad Advil commercial parody-“And if you’ve ever built a wood model”, *pause* “You know how hard that is…”)-I hope everyone has seen that awful commercial, and the extreme closeup view of that girl’s unfortunate mug…Anyway…

I didn’t get any pictures during the Night Scene, but its cool-All of the main overhead lights are slowly turned off, and the model lights slowly turn on, and suddenly, you really feel like you are flying over a small town at night. It is amazing that all of the homemade magnet motors and wiring have lasted all this time! 

And last but not least,

Some good, old-fashioned Pennsylvania Anthracite! I pretty much love that its from Reading and the same place Pops gets his coal for his house!

Overall, it was a really good time and brought me back to my childhood. It only took about an hour to get there, and was a really fun day trip to share with someone you love!


3 thoughts on “Mini Getaway

  1. pop says:

    YES! By-God-American-Anthracite! so glad you included this little salute to your ‘ol pop in your blog. I can’t tell you how nice it is for me to see you going back to – and enjoying the things we did together when you were little. It warms my heart – just like a coal furnace! love, pops.

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