Guest Bedroom Progress Reveal!

HJ and I are in the process of setting everything up here, and we do have a lot done for only being here for 2 months. However, I ALWAYS have more that cold be done, much to HJ’s dismay…womp womp 🙂

Now that we have 2 bedrooms and a dining table that fits 6, we have had guests every single weekend! So, naturally, the Guest Bedroom was one of the first spaces I wanted to get set up!

To keep myself focused (can you imagine me needing to be focused?!), I quickly made a mood board:


It was SO much easier for me to narrow down what I was looking for, once I was able to visually organize the room. I started with the things I already had and went from there. I was going for a kind of “Camping Chic” look here. I love the bold modern graphics with the country and rustic accents. The rest of the apartment is more grown up looking, and neutral, and I wanted this room to be really playful and whimsical. I am SO happy with how she turned out so far!












Here is a little breakdown of the cost:

Bed Pillows: Target, 2 for $20.00

White Full Sheet Set: Target, $35.00

Black and White Decorative Pillow: TJMaxx, $5.00

Formosa White Tray Tables: CB2, 2 for $100.00

White and Yellow Rope Trellis Lampshade: Target, 2 for $40.00

Little Yellow Flower Vase: HomeGoods, $5.00

Martha Stewart Living Wales Starburst Mirror: Home Depot, $35.00

Curtain Rod: Target, $20.00

Custom Yellow Chevron Curtains: Etsy (ExclusiveElements), $80.00

Bed: Already Owned!

Bedding: Target, Already Owned!

Nightstand Lamps: HomeGoods, Already Owned! Check out this post for more info

Lanterns, candles: Already Owned!

Window Pane Mirror: Already Owned!

Dresser: Already Owned!

Dresser Lamp: HomeGoods, Already Owned!

Paris Trashcan: Already Owned!

Mounted Antlers: TJMaxx, Already Owned!

TOTAL: around $340.00 plus some shipping charges, for the whole room!!! YAY!

I would still like to make a headboard, so I am waiting for a good weekend, maybe in the fall, when we FINALLY have some time on our hands 🙂 We also have some work to do in the Guest Bathroom, so I’ll wait to post on that until later!


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