Pinspiration: Pink Blazer and Striped Maxi

So it is no surprise that I am completely hooked on Pinterest, like, staying up late pinning, then lying awake in bed thinking about everything I saw that I want to wear, eat, make, and live. *sigh*

It is also no surprise that I get some of my inspiration outfits from Pinterest. It’s so easy! I pin lots of things that I really love and wish I had, but often times I pin things I know I have, or similar things that I think I could recreate on my own. I must share this one look with you!

So I found this lovely girl, Mayte Doll, through Pinterest, and decided to check out her blog! I loved the striped skirt she had so much, that I found a similar one online and bought it! I already had a coral blazer, black tank, and delicious black bag, so here’s the copy!

Sunglasses: Rome, Italy, 5 euro

Coral Blazer: Charlotte Russe, $26.99

Black Tank: Forever21, Essentials Collection, $5.00

Belt: gift

Black and White Striped Skirt: Tresics, Loehmann’s online, $24.00 (that included shipping!!!)

Black Bag: TJ Maxx, Betsey Johnson, $39.99

You can’t see the sandals, but they are knock-off Tory Burch’s from Target


2 thoughts on “Pinspiration: Pink Blazer and Striped Maxi

    • The Huntress says:

      Interestingly, my roommate in Rome, Colleen, found that belt in her suitcase, and was like, “Oh, I think this is my sister’s…do you want it?” There was no getting around it, I was meant to have that belt!

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