Let’s Have an Irish Tea Party!

As if I needed anymore reasons to think of my lovely cousin, Rachel, Shanghai Knights just came on TV…kung pao chicken! Anyway, Rachel lives in Ireland and just recently got her first job (YAY!) She is now settling into an apartment, and asked me for some help styling her space! This was a little difficult, because I could only search through Irish websites (I don’t get along with the Euro OR centimeters very well…) and I was trying to keep to a low budget for a new graduate. Rachel already had the bed, bedding, nightstands, bedside lighting, and teacup canvas, so really, it was just adding some finishing touches to the room, like accessories, and trying to make it all come together. Here are some befores:     And here is my after!

And of course, the breakdown:

Accent Wall: A warm peachy shade. Pick a color from the comforter, and match it to the paint. (If you are allowed to paint!)

Agnaryd Rose Canvas: IKEA

Vintage Teacup Vase: Find on your world travels!

Owl Ornament: Dunnes Home

Alvine Spets Curtains: IKEA

Millinge Rug: IKEA (they have this in light pink too!)

Mongstad Mirror: IKEA

Ribba Picture Ledge: IKEA

Button Heart Canvas: Argos

Ribba Picture Frame: IKEA

I was thinking that on the blank wall across from the bed, you could have a picture ledge, and that way, you can change your pictures, without having to hang everything!

Raymie, I really hope you like this and use it as an inspiration to making it the romantic retreat you were looking for! ❤


5 thoughts on “Let’s Have an Irish Tea Party!

  1. Raymie says:


    Also, I always underestimate your amazing use of photoshop. I feel like these skills could be useful in my future. Mwahaha!

    Will send finished pictures 🙂

    • The Huntress says:

      Hahaha, well, I tried to pick budget friendly items 🙂 ❤ you! Oh Raymie, remember when we were trying to somehow convince your mom that she owed you money for food in Canada, but then nan spilled the beans that you bought all of this other stuff hahahahaha, oh man, we were so close!

  2. Suzy says:

    Rachel, congrats on the job!!! Ryan and I reaaalllly want to take our honeymoon in Ireland so I need to pick your brain! 🙂

    Well done, as always saf!!

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