Rugs USA

**Remember when I said I was going to do a rug post, but Safari shut down on me?! Well, I just realized a draft was saved, so why not post?! All of the hard work is done! Enjoy!**

At work the other day, I was looking at some rugs for my boss’ office from RugsUSA. I couldn’t help but notice all of these other fun rugs they had! I have to share!

These are so fun and colorful, and I’m not really one for decorating a home with bright colors, but I could be a convert! Take a look at some of these babies!

Sierra Lexington

Rugs USA Sierra Lexington Multi Rug

Modern Lights Splatter Multi

Decor Rugs Modern Lights Splatter Multi Rug

Overdye Ahuva Multi

Rugs USA Overdye Ahuva Multi Rug

Serendipity Fanan Faux Silk Multi

Rugs USA Serendipity Fanan Faux Silk Multi Rug

Momeni Lil Mo Hipster

Momeni Lil Mo Hipster LMT5 Multi Rug

Sierra Octopus Tail

Rugs USA Sierra Octopus Tail Purple Rug


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