How Could I Forget?!

I came across some outfits in iPhoto that I know I never posted!!

I don’t know how they got skipped and I have no idea when I wore them, but you deserve to see!

Earrings: Charming Charlie

White Cardigan: Ann Taylor Outlet

Orange Leopard Halter: Banana Republic Outlet

Denim: Ann Taylor Outlet

Gold Sandals: Nine West Outlet

Earrings: Rome, $3.00!!

Dalmatian Top: Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet

Black Pleated Skirt:There it is! I KNEW I wore this before 🙂 Forever21, $16.90

Studded Bracelet: Charming Charlie, $15.00

Black Bow Heels: Nine West Outlet, old

Earrings: Rome, $3.00

Cream Polka Dot Ruffle Top: Charlotte Russe, old

Grey Bow Belt: TJ Maxx, Chinese Laundry, $20.00

Cream Ruffle Cardigan: Charlotte Russe, old

Grey Pencil Skirt: Charlotte Russe, old

Rhinestone Sandals: Charming Charlie, Bamboo brand, $20.00


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