Number 22.

Wanna see my long list I talked about here?

  1. Hang mirror in hall
  2. Hang frames in bedroom
  3. Make Master headboard
  4. Buy all new slim hangers for my closet
  5. Get a bathmat for Master shower
  6. Buy 2 new pillows for Master bed
  7. Get shams for Master bed pillows
  8. Find solution for hiding Master bath linen closet
  9. Find bench/perch for Master shower
  10. Find storage solution for Master shower bottles
  11. Hang frame in Master bath
  12. Make guest headboard
  13. Buy bedskirt for guest bed
  14. Fix up gold side table
  15. Photo for corner chair in Living Room
  16. Buy new neutral fall/winter curtains
  17. Get hamper for Master bath
  18. Buy photo ledge for main hall
  19. Buy frames for main hall
  20. Hang shelf above the TV
  21. Buy comforter for bed
  22. Buy chair for corner in Living Room

Some of these I haven’t even blogged about! Shame on me! But I really want to concentrate on that last one. Number 22. We have a little corner spot to the left in our Living Room that needed some love. Don’t mind the old picture. I have SO much to catch up on with apartment updates, since I have been concentrating on fashion for a while…)

I was envisioning something like this one from Restoration Hardware’s Nailhead Collection for $399.00

But then I found this one at HomeGoods:

LOVE.AT.FIRST.SIGHT and it was on clearance for $200.00 🙂 With some extra maneuvering, I was able to have my mom pick this up for me and drop it off! Thanks, Mom! #smallroundcar

Already smug with my find, I came across this baby a few days later in a boutique, while I was out shopping for work:

Let’s get a better look at that price, shall we?

Hmmm, well, Little Boutique on Main, try comparing to The Huntress’ latest steal! I can’t help it! I am a bargain hunter through and through. This only proved that my skills are better than ever 🙂

So here she is in her autumnal attire:

She still needs a friendly table mate and some artwork (See #s 14 and 15…) But, I love everything about her! The textured linen fabric, bronze nailhead finishing, elegant wings that are structured and square, but with feminine curves and slopes. I think if I were a chair, I would be her!


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