How To: Minimize a Large TV

When we first started looking for a large TV, we both agreed that a 37″ would be the best for our living room, since the couch is pretty close to the entertainment center. We found a great deal, so Hunky J lovingly took it upon himself to pick it up from the store. I was super excited when I saw the box in the back of the car! But upon closer inspection, I realized that  there must have been a mixup at the store…it was a 42″ TV!

OK, I knew there wasn’t a mixup. HJ just couldn’t help himself when he saw that we could get a bigger TV for less money than the 37″. I couldn’t be mad, he was scoring us a sweet deal! (Since then, I must admit, I could have even gone for a bigger screen)

Anyway, the problem that ensued was having a TV that suddenly became the focal point 😦

I don’t even have any before photos, because it looked so cumbersome.

Our solution was to hang a shelf above the TV, but low, so that it looked like a whole entertainment center, instead of a GIANT TV. Take a look at these:



So here is a quick Photoshopped of ours Before:

And After:

Much better!


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