Pinspiration: Stripes and Dots

I am pleased to announce that I will be doing a whole week of Pinspiration outfits 🙂 So, now I am toooooo excited and cannot wait until the end of the week to post these pics!

pinspiration.stripes and dots



I paired it with a 3/4 sleeve wrap top and blazer, because it was really cold out.

3/4 Navy Striped Wrap Top: Ann Taylor Outlet

Polka Dotted Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet

Navy Blazer: Charlotte Russe

Pearls: Charlotte Russe, long strand, triple twisted

Here is the Spring version that I will definitely break out, once it warms up a little!


Striped Top: H&M

White Watch: Christmas gift from my brother 🙂

Teal Necklace:DEB Shop, gift

Polka Dotted Skirt:Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet

Teal Heels: Nine West Outlet


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