Photoshop Fun: Recluse Revival

Recluse Original

I’m back at it again, and this time I am making over a sweet historical home that needs some love. The poor place is always dark, except for one light upstairs. Everytime we go by, I like to yell out, “Recluse! Recluse!” (not one of my finer moments…) I just wish the occupant would come out and revive this gem! OK, here we go!

Recluse Original

Recluse Fixed


I just love this!! It may be one of my favorite yet! I turned it into more of a craftsman style home with the wooden door and matching windowboxes. I tried to coordinate the plants and make them full and green, like a leafy garden. So pretty 🙂 Now, I’ll be dreaming about this one for a while!

I’ll update tomorrow with my outfits for the rest of last week!


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