Headboard fit for a Queen…sized bed

So you probably noticed the updated headboard in the background of my fashion posts. Last time I posted about this, we left off here:


But now, we have finished the headboard! But as you can see, not the whole bedding situation…


We started out using this trim, which I purchased from here

fabric farms nailheads

We just laid out where we wanted the trim to go and used our rubber mallet to hammer it into place!






So easy! It took us about 45 minutes total to move the headboard out from behind the bed, nail in the trim, and hang it on the wall! We also hung some black and white photos (that we had in our old bedroom) above our nightstands, so it feels more personal 🙂 We definitely have a ways to go, but at least this is looking better!


Lets break down the cost:

IKEA Malm Headboard…………….$25.00 clearance

Linen fabric, batting, and mallet…$50.00

Nailhead Trim……………………….$20.00

Mounting Hardware………………..$10.00

GRAND TOTAL……………………..$110.00!!

This definitely beats the $300 one I had been pining after. And because we were able to hang it at whatever height we wanted, it gave us an even more dramatic effect than the more expensive options. We are so happy with the results. It makes us feel accomplished every time we see it!


5 thoughts on “Headboard fit for a Queen…sized bed

  1. Lemonpie says:

    Really good job, it looks stylish!
    How were you able to place the headboard so high? I have the malm bed as well and in my case the headboard is part of the bed structure, the sides of the bed are mounted at the bottom of the headboard and therefore the headboard is carrying a lot of weight. Did you have to do advanced hacking for that part? 🙂

    • The Huntress says:

      Hi Lemonpie!
      I’m glad you like our new headboard! We have the Malm headboard only, not the rest of the bed, so the back of the headboard had brackets for hanging. We used heavy duty metal screw-in drywall anchors to attach it at any height we wanted. Nothing too advanced! I’m not familiar with the construction of the whole Malm bed. I imagine that you could buy mounting brackets and screw them into the back of your headboard so you can mount it. I quickly Googled “Headboard Mounting Hardware” and it came up with a few images, but I would definitely go to a hardware store and explain to them what you need. That way they can help you find the proper hardware that will be able to support the weight. I hope that was helpful! Good Luck! If you send me some results, you may end up in your own post!

  2. Lemonpie says:

    Thanks for replying! Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to do what you did on the malm bed, the headboard is also the “legs” of the bed. Still your post is very inspirational, I may use it on a different bed 🙂

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