We’re Engaged!

engagement 2

I feel that I should just start off with the best news right away! HJ and I are engaged!

We were on vacation last week (I will definitely have a new post soon about our budget-friendly trip!!) and HJ made me the happiest girl in the world when he asked me to marry him!

Let me set the scene! We were in Williamsburg on our last day and just checking out of our hotel. We had already planned on walking around the College of William and Mary campus. The concierge was telling us to check out the gardens and the bridge (This was not planned by HJ, just coincidence!). As the woman was talking to us, HJ was texting on his phone (little did I know it was to our secret photographer to make sure she was in position!) Once we got outside, I confronted him about texting while the concierge was talking, saying it wasn’t like him to act that way…I had no idea what he had up his sleeve, or in his pocket! We started walking towards the campus and I started telling him about the love legend of the Crim Dell Bridge-If you walk across with the person you love and kiss at the crest, you will be happy together forever! A woman I had worked with had told this this legend and I thought we should take a look at the bridge and see for ourselves. (Perfect! Now HJ had a reason to get me there!) As we meandered, HJ took the long route but seemed to know the area and streets pretty well, but then, he is always better at direction than me! Once we got to the bridge, there were several graduated getting photos taken. We waited for them to cross (and so HJ could text photographer that we were there). I started teasing him that he was afraid to cross the bridge with me, because then he would have to marry me! (Little did I know!) We finally started walking to the crest of the bridge. I gave him a little kiss, but he was stiff (nerves, no doubt). I told him he didn’t need to be shy, there was no one around, but then I saw the photographer and turned around quickly, thinking we had just been caught by a graduation photographer! Then HJ pointed out some turtles in the water. I turned to look, and when I turned back around,he was down on one knee! I was so confused! How did he know this would be a prefect spot to propose? I had JUST told him about the bridge moments earlier?! After I repeated “ohmygod” several times, HJ pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen. He told me I meant the world to him and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. All I remember is telling myself to say yes, but I didn’t even here him ask me, I was in shock! Then he put the ring on my finger and said “The photographer is for us!” He must have seen my Pinterest wedding board! Of course I cried, and laughed, and then cried some more, especially once I found out that he had asked both sets of my parents for their permission to marry me.

It was definitely one of the best days of my life, and I can’t wait to top it the day I become his wife! ❤

engagement 4

engagement 6


engagement 3

That last one captures my joy so perfectly! 🙂


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