Our Wedding Venue!

We chose the Brandywine Manor House!

brandywine manor house farmhouse

Now, you may think, “Why this place?” Well, I will tell you why!

1. A long winding driveway leads to the secluded property, so it feels very private and has no real noise restrictions

2. It has the rustic farm feel I wanted (in the stone farmhouse and 1700’s reconstructed barn), but also has a beautiful, fabric-draped, tented reception area

3. The ceremony takes place right on a lake/pond and in a huge field, so very romantic 🙂

4. If it rains, there ceremony can take place in the barn (which also has AC), and then we can go right into the tent, so it has a great rain plan!

5. There are distinct event areas: ceremony field, cocktail barn, reception tent, so it builds up the anticipation

6. It is very close to lots of hotels, restaurants, and shopping for out of town guests

7. We can choose our own caterer, which is helpful for our budget! We chose Sage!

8. It is pretty much a blank canvas, so we can bring in any decorations that we want

Here are some more photos!

bmh 1 bmh 2 bmh 3 bmh 4 bmh 5 noname

brandywine manor house tent bmh 6


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