Engagement Photo Session with Hoffer Photography

Engagement 1

Through friends and the internet, I came across Hoffer Photography about 3 years ago. Ever since then, I have been obsessively casually following their blog. As soon as I saw their photography skills, I knew that I had to have them for our wedding. So, when HJ proposed in May, they were the first vendor we called! We even set our wedding date around their availability #yeahtheyrethatgood

We had a Skype call with them, signed the contract, and then a few months later decided on a day for engagement photos. So, on Thursday night, HJ and I had our photo shoot with Tony and Amy. I was pretty nervous, I mean, they are practically celebrities to me! But, they were both SO fun and friendly, it just felt like hanging out with our friends! They were able to take some beautiful (and silly!) photos of me and John that truly show our personalities 🙂 The photo above is one of my favorites, but they are all so good, I can’t pick one! Check them out for yourself! We had such a great time playing in the ivy and devouring cheesesteaks (and tuna hoagies!) We look forward to seeing them again soon, hopefully before the wedding 🙂

Thank you, Tony & Amy for a night of fun, photos, and food!


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