Thrift Shop Finds

So, this past weekend, I went to a thrift shop near my house to look for some vintage decor for our wedding. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything that would fit the bill, but I did find some great little gems that could have been turned into fabulous pieces with just a little elbow grease.

First up-Bamboo Lounge Chairs:

image_31 image_32


Here is a very similar pair for twice the price:

Bamboo Chairs 1


Or this delicious color splash inspiration:

Bamboo Chair Red


Then, there was this pretty flirtatious curved mirror:


It could easily be transformed into a vignette like this:

Curved Mirror 2


Or this!

Curved Mirrors


Next, there were the simple Danish-looking chairs for $30 for the pair:

image_33 image_34

I’m thinking all out colorful:

simple chair color



Or a little color dip like this:

simple chair 2


Or a softer wash:

simple chair



We started with bamboo and I’ll finish with it too. The last thing that I found, which may have been my favorite, was this bamboo settee. I literally did the crazy thrift shop lady “OMG-is-that-what-i-think-it-is-YES” stop, and took this photo out of my car window…



You could paint the frame a softer cream and then reupholster the seat in a fabulous natural linen:

settee linen



Or add a bright pop:

bamboo settee red


I know you think I bought something…but I behaved and had the wedding budget on my mind 🙂 Even as I typed up this post, HJ thought I may have something hiding in my work storage room in the basement. Fortunately, he didn’t seem that mad when he thought I did buy something. Unfortunately, if I had known that, maybe I would have picked up a few new pieces!


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