A Valentine’s Day Miracle!

Last night, I received a beautiful Valentine’s Day package from my Dad and step-mom (or “Other Mother” as she likes to be called!). They are SO generous, that I thought they would like to “watch” me open everything in a play-by-play photo progression (which was texted to them last night). Now for all of you…Watch the Miracle unfold!

imageimage_1 image_2image_3OMG, get ready, get ready, get ready…
image_6Yep, that pretty much captures the joy of the evening!

And then I wore it to work today, of course 🙂

image_7CK likes to tell me I am dramatic, but no dramatics here! All real, true, and total joy!! It felt just as wonderful as I imagined it would be *dream*…I received lots of compliments on it today, many from my co-workers that didn’t even know about my obsession. And I’m not even lying, I love the shirt so much, I didn’t want to change out of it when I came home. I just took this photo so you could see me in “real time”.

real time

Thank you Dad and Barb for these amazing treats! I absolutely LOVE everything! 🙂image_5

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