J. Crew Factory Shopping Cart

I keep things in my cart for a really long time. Sometimes I buy them, and sometimes it makes me feel better to know they’re there. Like an old friend…

The two things that are in my J. Crew Factory cart right now are as follows:

J Crew Factory striped skirtFactory Printed Linen-Cotton Mini Skirt

And these:

J Crew factory drapey pantsFactory Drapey Pant

I know the skirt will fit, because I have the same one in solid black:


But the pants, I’m so hesitant. I need to try things on in-store first, especially when it comes to pants.

So if J Crew Factory continues their 50% almost everything sale and the items I actually want are included in the almost everything, then you might see me sporting some new bottoms! Until then,

Happy Hunting!


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