I Want A Cheap Romp…

RoseGal.Floral Rompersource

On Pinterest, I saw this sweet little number. So I went to the site, Rose Gal, and I might never be the same (we’ve heard that before…)The floral pattern, the drapey casual feel, the long sleeves, all of it became absolutely irresistible to me. And then when I saw it was only $14.15, it really sealed the deal, in terms of being classified as “lustworthy”. The best part is that this was not the only cute item. Let me show you…



Keep in mind that these were only on page 1 out of 7 pages!! They are the perfect summer coverup, casual outing, or edgy choice for a fun occasion. They are all around $20, so at this price, you could get them all! Just sayin’…


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