On The Hunt: In the Same Vein

The Huntress-On The HuntI love marble. Who doesn’t? I dream about one day having a kitchen with the most beautiful marble countertops…where I could host grand dinner parties…with dancing…and lots and lots of wine. But then I realize that means I will have to clean up immediately, so nothing stains. Who wants to play maid at their own dinner party? Not me. So here’s what I have found on my search for the most perfect alternative to marble…in no particular order:

1. Cambria: Torquay Cambria.Torquay Torquay has been a longtime favorite of mine. It doesn’t look exactly like marble, but the subtle veining makes it so elegant. Especially when it is paired with classic subway tile, shiny fixtures, and glam cabinet pulls. Check out some installation photos:

Cambria.Torquay install 1source

Cambria.Torquay install 3source

2. Caesarstone: 5131 Calacatta Nuvo

5131 caesarstone calacatta nuvo

This is so realistic, that it truly is a great marble doppelgänger. The pros are obviously that it’s quartz, but the cons are that the slab is the same pattern repeated, so if you have multiple slabs, you may end up seeing the “repeat”. But put it in a small area, and you’ve got it made!

caesarstone calacatta nuvo install


3. QuartzMasters: QM 9281 Calacutta Borghini. (this is not a spelling error, it it how it is spelled on their site…)


This might be my favorite option, because it just looks so darn real! I’m not sure of the pricing, but I have a feeling that you would buy this for the maintenance vs. trying to save money. You can see why. I actually saw samples of this in person at a design show in NYC this spring. I have to say, it is stunning. Another “pro” is that it is so large, that to see a “repeat” pattern would be vey difficult. This make sit appear the most like natural stone!

Bad News: They don’t have any good installation shots on their site

Good News: They have several other realistic marble options too!

4. Fiandre: Calacatta Maximum

fiandre.calacatta maximum

I found this one on another blog. I’m having a hard time being really sure about what this actually us…the blog said it was ceramic, but the actual site doesn’t really specify…it looks pretty darn good to me.

There’s lots and lots and lots of other blogs that cover this topic, so I don’t consider this post “finished”. It’s just meant to highlight products that I have seen and thought were good marble alternatives!


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