On The Hunt: A New Living Room Rug

Hmmm, I found this post from March. Not sure why it never made it on the blog, but, here it is for your viewing pleasure!

The Huntress-On The Hunt

Lately, at work, I have been looking at rugs ALL DAY. But when it comes to my own rug, I’m having some difficulty!

Originally I had a beautiful tone-on-tone zebra one from Rugs USA (MAJORLY on sale, obviously!) You can see it peeking out from under the coffee table in this December 2012 photo. Here is the exact one, but it is out of stock, so this one and this one are similar.

100_2685I loved this rug, but it was wool and shed shed shed all over the place, all of the time. So, one day in a heated moment, the rug was rolled up and stuffed under the guest bed.

Fast forward a year and I thought I’d try again. So then I found this dreamy jute stunner:

rugs usa.maui chunky loop

I was so in love! I moved all of the furniture out of the way and unrolled this beauty. Immediately, fibers flew everywhere, along with little brown sticks…hmmm

And, it was a little too yellow next to my lovely Montclair Sofa. So, she was quickly rolled up, stuffed into the bag, and shipped back.

Fast forward a few months, and I’m still rug-less 😦 What’s a girl to do?!



2 thoughts on “On The Hunt: A New Living Room Rug

  1. Sarmie says:

    I have the same issues!!!! I had an expensive martha stewart rug that Tom hated due to the shedding and Bodie got dirty. Then I started dreaming about Jute rugs but was worried they wouldn’t be soft under foot, they would just shed a different fiber and worried Bodie’s nails would un do it. We ended up with a 99 dollar indoor/outdoor rug from IKEA. I have been loving it and if Bodie gets it dirty we can just scrub it off.

    • The Huntress says:

      The struggle is real! I still don’t have a rug because the jute ones are rough, the wool ones shed, and the fake fiber ones don’t have the luxurious look I want 😦 I think the only way to find something is by going in person and checking it out 🙂

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