Burlington Coat Factory-Is it REALLY more than just coats?


Over the weekend, I set out to answer this question. Here are the results:

They have quite an extensive jewelry department. I pretty sure my friend, Molly, used to be a buyer for their jewelry division…now she works in bedding 🙂


These driftwood Christmas decorations were the classier options out of their selections:


This zinc monogram letter would be a nice addition above a fireplace, if you’re lucky enough to have one!


These mini mirrors were a modern treasure I found amongst more traditional decor:


And this delicious scented candle was $12.99, although I still wasn’t sold, since Ironman was able to snag the same one at Marshall’s for only $8.99…


And you know no post would be complete without some CLOTHES!!!

Look at these beautiful pants from Philosophy…they were almost denim, but more like a damask tapestry. And they fit me! Unfortunately, they didn’t have any stretch, so they didn’t move with my body, and they were extremely uncomfortable when I wasn’t moving…so I didn’t get them.

image_6 image_7

But these little denim beauties came home with me, instead. They are soft and thin and a good length. I took photos of the tags, in case you want to hunt for your own pair!



Check out these comfy pants!image_8 image_9

They are stretchy, black jeggings, which are good quality, so I can wear them to work with a nice blouse, like this one below!

image_12  image_13

And look how great it goes with my Francesca’s necklace! It’s like it was MADE to go together 🙂


My overall verdict? I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

I would definitely go back again, maybe to a different location. But out of 20 things I tried on, I only bought 3 (it was much better that way, honestly…) but there wasn’t anything I felt like I left behind. Their candle selection was fabulous, but not cheaper than TJ’s or Marshall’s. Their clothes were just OK. But a deal is a deal, and I won’t ever pass up finding a diamond in the rough and surprising people with the source of my cute clothes!


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