What I Wore: The Charleston Dress

irrational fear


This is a real fear and I have suffered from this many times in my life. This pretty J Crew Factory linen and blue embroidery dress, which I affectionately dubbed “The Charleston Dress” (sold out) was my most recent source of anxiety:


similar, similar, similar

My sweet Mama bought me this dress for my birthday. As soon as I bought it, I folded it neatly and put it in a “WEAR IN CHARLESTON ONLY” bag designated for my trip. It came out once to get slightly altered (typical), and then made the 500 mile journey down South with me. Of course, I thought of all the times I could wear it: Meeting some new friends out? A casual dinner al fresco? Strolling a plantation? The possibilities were endless, that I couldn’t decide when I should wear it! One thing I did know was that it was white, and Labor Day was swiftly approaching. (Although I still think I’ll give her one more go in the fall…suede open-toed booties, denim jacket…)

Anyway, I felt like today would be the perfect day to take her out for a spin. And boy, was I right! Not only did I get direct compliments, but I even heard some gals telling their friends, “Oh, isn’t that dress cute!” At one point, I walked into a shop and a woman said, “Oh, we saw you outside, and I told my associate, ‘That’s the dress I’ve been wanting!’ I LOVE it!”

But the REAL wonderfulness happened as I was sitting on a bench in Waterfront park, innocently reading my book, when a man came up to me and said, “I am a painter in Atlanta, and you look so nice on this bench, would you mind if I took your picture, so I can paint this scene?” Ummm, YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! Now, some may say that this was a very smooth way to try and pick me up, but that was the last thing I was concerned about. My Charleston Dress had the potential of being immortalized in a painting!!! Not “panting”, a comical word mixup that spurred this text conversation with my best friend:




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