A few days ago, my cosmopolitan cousin, Margot, suggested that I try joining to make some friends around here. It’s a great site that has different groups based on interests. So, I joined a group with lots of girls that like to explore restaurants, drink wine, read books, and do the same kinds of things that I like.

The first event that I signed up for was a wine and painting night at Wine and Design in Mt. Pleasant. These venues are pretty popular right now, but I had never been to one. I was a little nervous, feeling like all of these girls had been friends forever, and here I was…but there were plenty of newbies there, so it was good!

We painted a picture of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge “at dusk”:


Iron Man and I are avid fans of Bob Ross, and there was one particular episode when he was doing the reflection on water (fast forward to 17:53), and it was literally like our heads exploded. Obviously, I wanted the same reflection effect with my painting, and, while it’s no Bob Ross, I think it might be my favorite part.

I probably would have picked other colors or another image that I felt like would fit better in my home, but I like that it is a Charleston landmark. After this, I actually realized that I find painting super relaxing!

Again, the Universe made me think I went to the event just to find friends, but I also discovered a new way to unwind 🙂



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