The Universe is Always Answering

This is sort of a Part 2 to my last post.

I’ve made it into a game (of sorts), where I ask a question or state an intention, and see how the Universe can answer me.

At the beginning of summer, Iron Man and I decided to go separate ways. The loss of him in my life was felt in so many ways. His wit, tattooed skin, and general admiration were just a few of the things I missed most.

Well, wouldn’t you know, I suddenly found myself surrounded by people who were making me laugh. Not with stupid humor, but with the intellectual banter that I was craving. I was laughing again.

I noticed that on a daily basis, at least a third of the people I came in contact with, were covered in tattoos. I laughed again. When I added “tattooed with a beard” to my wishlist, and I began seeing several rough-looking tattooed, bearded men, I laughed even harder – realizing that I forgot to mention “handsome” in the requirements. I looked up at the sky and said, “I see what you did there…”

When it came to admiration, this one took me a little longer to recognize. Recently, I started receiving compliments from so many kind people. One in particular just told me in similar words, “I’m so glad we met through so-and-so, I always look forward to seeing you, and you always make me happy!” Wasn’t that, like, exactly what I’ve been wanting to hear? And sweet friends saying, “I miss you!” Who doesn’t want to hear that?! And then there’s my bestie’s 4-year-old, soon-to-be step-daughter. She calls me “Silly Sarah”, tells my best friend that she wants “Father Christmas” to bring me to her everyday, begs for me to stay and play longer, tells me that she loves me, and asks me deep questions, like ‘what makes your heart happy?’ Oh, yeah, AND she FaceTimes me on Sunday night, after we’ve just hung out on Friday. (Can I find her in the form of a 35-year old man??) I’ve asked for all of these things, and they just keep coming to me, in ways that the old me never would have seen.

By acknowledging the manifestations and offering gratitude, I’m always getting what I want, just not in the forms I’m expecting.

So, how has The Universe been answering you lately?





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