I’m ALL about that spontaneity

I just said to my mom the other day – “I have to have spontaneous adventures! It can’t be the same all the time, or I know I’ll get bored…”

Her response – “You need to make sure whoever you choose as your partner knows this.” *drops mic*

Fast forward a week, and a certain guy has got me all figured out, without me even mentioning this. He started out planning things he knew I’d like, and then quickly suggested instead, “let’s just go and see what inspires us.” #thanksforgettingit

This goes for my writing too. As a professional blogger (which I’m not…yet) it makes sense to give your readers/followers content that they can count on.

“It’s Friday, I’m SO looking forward to what Sarah’s been craving this week!” (I totally get it)

“I can’t wait to see what The Huntress bought on sale this Saturday!” (Right, yes, yes, me too)

But, as a writer who focuses on being real, I struggle with consistency. I don’t want to write every Friday because there’s something new I want (even though I said I would). Maybe I’m trying to cut back on my spending, (which I am), maybe I’m trying to be more happy with what I already own instead of buying all of these things to make me happy, (which it does, temporarily, hence Retail Therapy posts…) maybe I’m trying not to compare myself to other bloggers (which I have been).

Case in point – I got a DM from a blogger who is hosting an Influencers Night at Apricot Lane, a local boutique.  I’ll post more about this in my stories next week at the event (I promise I will). And I imagined the other bloggers that were being invited. Charleston bloggers, with literally THOUSANDS of followers.  But, as soon as I got all excited, like, “OMG! I got asked to go to this event, how cool! I can meet other fab women who are killing it!”, my second thought was, “OMG! How can I show up to this event with less than 150 followers and pretend like I’m influencing anyone to do anything?” Cringe. I wanted to be excited, I really did, but everything was telling me that I didn’t deserve to be there, and I thought about the kinds of conversations I would have –

Them: “Oh, hey girl! What’s your account, let me follow you!”

Me: *mumbles* “@thehuntressblog…yeah, um…it’s just sort of a side thing, I mean, like, I just have a really serious full-time job, and so I just…kinda…post whenever I can…” Double cringe.

I KNOW I need to invest in some filter presets. I KNOW I need to be more consistent. I KNOW I need to find a photographer to take photos of me in the most picturesque city in America, instead of grainy selfies in my messy bedroom.

And if all of that self-consciousness thinking wasn’t enough, I suddenly realized that I’d have to find something to wear…the level of anxiety that came along with this really cool opportunity was making me less and less excited. (Sometimes I wish I could punch myself).

I’m not really sure of the point of this, other than to say that my instinct is to post when I want to. It isn’t to get followers from doing tons of tagging/following loops (even though that might be the best way to grow a business). I’d rather have quality followers who actually are interested in what I’m posting (doing the right things always wins, right? Yeah, right…) So I’m caught between, ‘How do I get followers?’ and ‘How do I keep it real and write when I’m inspired, instead of making up trash content, just because it’s Friday and time for an On the Hunt post?’

So, help me out here.

-Are you reading because you look forward to certain posts and wish there was more consistency each week?

-Are you reading because you like my random approach and are excited by whatever it is I’m putting out there?

-Are you reading because you know me and you’re super supportive of whatever I want and I’m the luckiest girl ever to have you?

In the meantime, I’ll either be posting photos on Instagram OR taking a trip to Europe. Like I said, I’m ALL about that spontaneity.


2 thoughts on “I’m ALL about that spontaneity

  1. Tina Dahms says:

    I’m reading because I’m the luckiest person to know you and love you. I’m reading because reading allows me to know you better.

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