On The Hunt: Abalone Earrings, Red Lipstick, and Army Pants

The Huntress-On The Hunt

Tomorrow, I will posting about all of the fab finds that were purchased during the “Annual Mother-Daughter After-Christmas Outlet-Spree (or as I will now affectionately refer to it as AMDACOS) and other wonderful Christmas gifts that I received. But today, we are going to talk about the other things that I didn’t know I needed until I started shopping for other people’s Christmas presents. And since I always can find *something* that I want, I am going to start this new series called “On The Hunt”, which features new clothes, accessories, furniture, or other home decor that is catching my eye!

1. Abalone Earrings

I saw these abalone earrings on Charming Charlie’s website. They are only $8.00!!! And there is also an abalone necklace that is divine for $15.00. Since I am trying to do some New Year budgeting, I felt like I should wait. But then, a miracle occurred! My thoughtful friend, Stephanee, got me a Charming Charlie gift card for Christmas!

charming charlie abalone earrings


2. Red Lipstick

I’ve been wearing a lot of red clothes lately, but only have this old glittery red lipstick from an embarrassingly long time ago. Gross. So I did a little hunting at CVS today and found a great pinky-red color, Maybelline’s Very Cherry 635. I think it looks better on my skin (as apposed to an orangey-red). With my Extra Bucks, it was practically free!

very cherry lipstick


3. Army Pants

I love the laid back look of a good army accent with a classic white tee. And when I saw The Northeast Girl post about her J. Crew army green cargo pants, well, my wheels were spinning. I had some exchanges I needed to make at the mall today, so I stopped by Nordstrom and found these. I can’t wait to do some Pinspiration posts with these 🙂

army pants

I seriously have SO many fun things to crave, I am hoping to have these posts every Friday!


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