May the Road Rise to Meet You…

Well, the road certainly rose to meet me for this “adventure”. As soon as I said I wanted to go to Europe, the whole Universe conspired to make it happen. Around Christmastime, I casually mentioned  to my aunt that I wanted to visit Europe, namely Italy…or France…or Spain. She soon informed me that a First Class flight experience topped my 90-year old grandmother’s Bucket List, and that my uncle was able to cash in his flight points to make it happen, but that no one in the family was able to take her anywhere far enough away to make the flight worthwhile…

A few months later, on Valentine’s Day, my “cousin” – a silly formality for a woman who’s closer to a sister – birthed a sweet, red-headed Irish lass in a Dublin hospital, where her and her husband now live. I wanted to meet our new addition so badly, but I’d have to wait until they came to the US in June. Unless…My aunt asked – Would I be able to take my grandmother to Ireland, in exchange for a free luxury flight whenever I wanted? Umm, YES!

The “hitch” was that we had to fly out of Philadelphia, where my grandmother lives. Now that I live in Charleston and work remotely, I visit my Philadelphia office every 6 weeks. Luckily, I was able to schedule our Europe trip right after heading to the job site for a few days. That got me “back home”, so my super cute Nanny, Mary Ann, and I could hop onto an international flight from PHL to DUB.

I’d been to visit Ireland before, so this trip wasn’t about wearing the most fashionable clothing while traipsing around the Cliffs of Moher. It was about taking a thousand pictures of a child whose parents don’t want any of them posted on social media. It was about spending time with my “sister” and catching up on all of the loving insults that we share. It was about laughing at the joys of being a caregiver for the first time ever. It was about having tea with way too many sugar cubes in an Irish country manor house. It was about going shopping in downtown Dublin by myself, only to realize that I’d much rather get back home to that cute, cute baby. It was about getting flipped off by my Grandma when I told her she wasn’t allowed to save leftover First Class snacks.

I posted a few photos of my journey, wore a few outfits more than a few times, and laughed until I had tears coming out of my eyes. Although it wasn’t necessarily the Mediterranean vacation I had originally planned, Ireland sure made me feel lucky.




Happy Saturday!

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting this past week, as it’s been 1 year since I decided to move to Charleston for real. It seems like yesterday since I was sitting at the Pineapple Fountain feeling like my whole life was waiting for me here, and I just had to finish tying up the loose ends in Philadelphia. No more double-life! Well, now I’m totally immersed in it and I’ve never.been.happier. I know I’ve made a few questionable choices over the past year, purely for the enjoyment of a single moment. But, when I made my mind up to move, never once did I question that choice.

So, I just wanted to take a second to revel in the calmness I felt then, and the happiness I feel now, knowing that I can trust myself to do what’s best for me!


I’m ALL about that spontaneity

I just said to my mom the other day – “I have to have spontaneous adventures! It can’t be the same all the time, or I know I’ll get bored…”

Her response – “You need to make sure whoever you choose as your partner knows this.” *drops mic*

Fast forward a week, and a certain guy has got me all figured out, without me even mentioning this. He started out planning things he knew I’d like, and then quickly suggested instead, “let’s just go and see what inspires us.” #thanksforgettingit

This goes for my writing too. As a professional blogger (which I’m not…yet) it makes sense to give your readers/followers content that they can count on.

“It’s Friday, I’m SO looking forward to what Sarah’s been craving this week!” (I totally get it)

“I can’t wait to see what The Huntress bought on sale this Saturday!” (Right, yes, yes, me too)

But, as a writer who focuses on being real, I struggle with consistency. I don’t want to write every Friday because there’s something new I want (even though I said I would). Maybe I’m trying to cut back on my spending, (which I am), maybe I’m trying to be more happy with what I already own instead of buying all of these things to make me happy, (which it does, temporarily, hence Retail Therapy posts…) maybe I’m trying not to compare myself to other bloggers (which I have been).

Case in point – I got a DM from a blogger who is hosting an Influencers Night at Apricot Lane, a local boutique.  I’ll post more about this in my stories next week at the event (I promise I will). And I imagined the other bloggers that were being invited. Charleston bloggers, with literally THOUSANDS of followers.  But, as soon as I got all excited, like, “OMG! I got asked to go to this event, how cool! I can meet other fab women who are killing it!”, my second thought was, “OMG! How can I show up to this event with less than 150 followers and pretend like I’m influencing anyone to do anything?” Cringe. I wanted to be excited, I really did, but everything was telling me that I didn’t deserve to be there, and I thought about the kinds of conversations I would have –

Them: “Oh, hey girl! What’s your account, let me follow you!”

Me: *mumbles* “@thehuntressblog…yeah, um…it’s just sort of a side thing, I mean, like, I just have a really serious full-time job, and so I just…kinda…post whenever I can…” Double cringe.

I KNOW I need to invest in some filter presets. I KNOW I need to be more consistent. I KNOW I need to find a photographer to take photos of me in the most picturesque city in America, instead of grainy selfies in my messy bedroom.

And if all of that self-consciousness thinking wasn’t enough, I suddenly realized that I’d have to find something to wear…the level of anxiety that came along with this really cool opportunity was making me less and less excited. (Sometimes I wish I could punch myself).

I’m not really sure of the point of this, other than to say that my instinct is to post when I want to. It isn’t to get followers from doing tons of tagging/following loops (even though that might be the best way to grow a business). I’d rather have quality followers who actually are interested in what I’m posting (doing the right things always wins, right? Yeah, right…) So I’m caught between, ‘How do I get followers?’ and ‘How do I keep it real and write when I’m inspired, instead of making up trash content, just because it’s Friday and time for an On the Hunt post?’

So, help me out here.

-Are you reading because you look forward to certain posts and wish there was more consistency each week?

-Are you reading because you like my random approach and are excited by whatever it is I’m putting out there?

-Are you reading because you know me and you’re super supportive of whatever I want and I’m the luckiest girl ever to have you?

In the meantime, I’ll either be posting photos on Instagram OR taking a trip to Europe. Like I said, I’m ALL about that spontaneity.

Accepting Reality

Chris Harrison: This is the most dramatic post ever written on The Huntress Blog.

As I watched Colton get his heart broken by Cassie on The Bachelor, I unexpectedly felt tears stream down my face. I was familiar with that pit in his stomach, that feeling that “This is not actually happening to me right now. It’s not real” running on repeat through your mind. But it IS real. The love of your life (or your life as you know it up to that point) is walking away. And to be honest with you, the feelings that remind me of this are much closer than when John walked away almost 5 years ago. I’ve definitely been falling in love after that. Thankfully. *Hair toss*

Today, I felt Colton’s pain so raw like it was happening to me. Sometimes, I actually feel like I’m living my own Bachelorette series. There’s fewer than 25 guys, but that’s almost easier, right? It’s much harder when there’s only a few and you really start making connections. When you know their siblings names and how they broke their first bone. Like Colton, I think one of my greatest fears is being in a relationship only to realize it’s not being reciprocated. A relationship where I’m more in love, or one where I’m not able to match their feelings for me. Both are equally unsettling.

If you’re the one giving more, and your partner decides you’re not for them, the feeling can best be described as someone hollowing you out, removing everything that’s kept you alive, made you feel, allowed you to think, and just letting it sit there next to you. “Here’s good.”

On the flip side, the feeling of being in a relationship that’s just “nice”, makes you feel like you’ve let yourself down. That you might never find that fire that you’re looking for. I’ve had the fire. I know what love feels like for me. I know how it feels for me with different people. And I know when the wick has been sparked. I can tell that I’m going to love someone long before I actually love them. And I can tell when the match isn’t striking.

I’ve been in Colton’s shoes, where you just cannot stop thinking about someone. Every day you put your makeup on in hopes that your paths will cross. When you hear a joke, you feel like you’re bursting at the seams until you can tell your person and laugh together. When something awesome happens or when you’ve had your least favorite day ever, all you want to do is feel their presence in the same room, even if it’s a silent touch. That feeling of being terrified and safe, excited and comfortable, planning your future and enjoying your moments, laughing uncontrollably and seriously understanding, feeling dolled up and naturally beautiful, sharing physical electricity and complete mental immersion, approaching life as adventurous and committed, giving confirmation and receiving confirmation ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Well, shit. If that doesn’t feel like love, I don’t know what will. That doesn’t mean that’s what love IS. It needs to be all of the things love IS and feel exhilarating. Amen!

The most crazy part about all of this, is that when you’ve experienced “it not working out” enough times, you can breeze through your longing bravely. You’re not moping around under a dark cloud, you’re singing, and laughing, and looking freakin’ fabulous, and enjoying every delicious piece of joy that God and The Universe is handing to you. Maybe that’s the Denial stage…but I’ve found it’s really quite helpful refusing to believe that you are where you are, because once you’ve come to terms with your reality, you’re already on to what’s next for you. If the only thing that being “in love does”, is remind you how you want to feel, then, maybe that’s enough? Just thinking out loud here…

I thought about censoring this, because “you never know who’s reading”, but then that would really defeat the purpose of me writing honestly, wouldn’t it? I mean, this is my gift. I am a woman who speaks her mind in voice and in typed words. I get inspired and I need to NOW. And yes, if we’ve gone on dates and there’s been a connection, I’m going to write about you, tastefully. That’s what I do, that’s who I am, that’s another part of me to love. Will it be in a short blog post? Maybe. Will it be in my inspirational book that has an undisclosed release date? Probably. Curious? There’s still time to get your own chapter – I haven’t handed out my final rose.


Y’all Need Jesus

OK, so I know I didn’t post the past 2 weekends, but it’s not because I wasn’t writing. It’s almost like I had too many ideas. But I think the one that stood out to me most was my current experience with God. If you’re about to be like, “Ugh, bor-ing. Not reading…” I promise you, there might be something you find interesting. Or at least chuckle.

I was raised Catholic – I attended the same Catholic grade school AND high school that all 3 of my aunts did. My grandmother goes to Church every day but Sunday. I cried when the water baptized my tiny head. I wore a beautiful white dress at my First Holy Communion. I freaked out debating what sins to disclose while waiting in line for Confession. I rolled my kilt (I chose the “natural-looking” once fold, not twice, which always looked like foul play was involved) I even studied all 132 questions and answers in “The Packet”, in case Cardinal Bevilacqua – who apparently enjoys “buxom blondes” – pointed his staff at me for a response. But yet, something wasn’t vibing.

One of my earliest memories of questioning my faith was after receiving my score on a 3rd grade Religion test. The question was: When the priest consecrates the bread and wine during mass, it is a symbol of Christ’s body and blood. TRUE or FALSE? For those of you that said FALSE – Congratulations! You must have also gone to Catholic school and know that it’s not a symbol, but it actually becomes the body and blood of Christ. For those of you who said TRUE, it’s a symbol – Welcome to Camp Sarah. 24 years later and I’d still answer the exact same way. It will never reconcile with me that because a man whose studied God’s word says a blessing, that bread and wine become flesh and blood. Do I think it’s a beautiful symbol? Yes. Do I think that maybe there’s some miracle stories in the Bible that are true? Probably, but maybe with some exaggeration for emphasis. Do I think that miracles happen today? Of course.

By the time I reached 12th grade, I felt less like a Catholic, but more Christian. I had wonderful teachers who really spread God’s word in a way that teenagers could understand AND apply. If any high-school/college student is reading this and has the chance to go on a Kairos Retreat, GO!! This was one of the most wonderful, unexpected, life-changing spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. I think that’s when I really began to see Jesus as the kind of guy that was right next to me in prayer, rather than far away in a magical cloud. I also had lots of opportunities to implement what I was learning. For example, I signed the Chastity Pledge for Prom Night. It probably helped that I went with friend, not a boyfriend, as handsome as Jimmy was…

In college I was too busy figuring out romantic relationships with men, social relationships with friends, and spatial relationships with furniture to pay attention to my relationship with God. I said small prayers, here and there – “Please don’t let me get caught for underage drinking!”, “Please make this guy kiss me tonight!”, and things of that nature, but that was the extent.

I walked along that path until 2014. When I started my Solo-Journey-of-Becoming-a-Badass that year, I didn’t turn to God the way that most do during a crisis. Maybe because He wasn’t ever in my Top 5 Call List? I don’t know…I just knew He had my back long-term, so in the meantime, I needed something to DO. So, I turned to The Law of Attraction ft. Abraham Hicks *insert album photo*. I could go on for days about how much she helped me (and I have in this post, this post, and this post…) She gave me back some control in a time where I felt powerless. I went to see her live last year, and I continue to listen frequently when I need to calm my mind. So, basically, every day.

Fast forward to 2016 when I met my spirit-friend Abbey, who introduced me to Seacoast Church. I had never felt more welcome in a social place! Everyone there was happy, kind, and…gorgeous. Yeah, let’s stay here. So, when I finally moved to Charleston in 2018, it felt like I was coming home. Seacoast has been an incredible place to meet friends – surprisingly, they’re totally human – they drink, swear, and sleep with their boyfriends *gasp*. But, they also love A LOT. They check in, they encourage spiritual growth, they recommend books, they inspire me to become more involved, and they get me excited to LIVE! It has also been a great avenue to get involved with mentoring teen girls – since I seriously missed teaching my college Interior Design students. If any of you are reading this, I still think of you girls all the time!

Just because I love the feeling that I have while attending services, doesn’t mean I’m totally High on Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve closed my eyes and put my hands up during the worship songs, but I still have my questions. And I think I should! And as I just said aloud yesterday – “If you have questions, it does one of two things – it either strengthens your belief in one thing, or strengthens your belief in another.” Or makes you have more questions…so three things. Or makes you more confused…so four things. Anyway, you get the idea.

The Law of Attraction basically says that you are responsible for everything that happens to you. I can see evidence of that in my life. But, no pun intended, Dear God, thats’s a lot of responsibility! There are times that I can’t do it alone. And I don’t want to do it alone. I’ve really come to find peace in knowing that God has a plan for me, but that I get to figure out how I’m going to get there.

Peace and Love,

The Huntress ❤


I Love Me, I Love Me Not

You try too hard.

You’re so needy.

Nice cellulite.

You don’t look like you have a personal trainer…your stomach isn’t even flat.

You’re not as pretty as you think you are.

He could have literally anyone. Why would he be interested in you?

You’ve never been skiing and you’re afraid of the water…good luck finding someone adventurous.

Even the guy who you thought loved you, didn’t want to marry you.

Ouch. That last one stung like a Bee-tch. Mean, right? I’m saddened to admit that I’m the one that’s said these words. To myself. WTF? I know I’m not alone when it comes to having insecurities.  Lauren Daigle wrote a song about it. Hailey Bieber did an Instagram post on it. Kylie got camera shy about it.

I read and re-read all of those nasty things I say to myself. And do you know what feels even more believable than all that? These other things I know about myself –

You go out of your way to make people feel included.

You’re so loving and playful!

Your arms look incredible!

I can tell you’ve been doing your squats.

Your nose is so cute!

You radiate confidence. Also, you’re a badass.

You’re really independent.

Wow! He’s a total idiot! Whoever marries you is going to be the Luckiest Man in the Whole World!

If you’re like me, it’s easy to give give give love to others. It’s time to give the love back to ourselves this Valentine’s Day.








New Segment: Retail Therapy


There’s a couple of things I really like to do, and there’s a couple of things I’ll admit that I’m good at. If I had to get those things down to their empirical form, they’d be:

  1. Finding good deals
  2. Brightening other’s days
  3. Telling boring stories in a humorous way

So, it’s no surprise that as I get to know myself better, I become more prolific in all three of these categories. But today is when I merge them together, in a new series I’m going to call Retail Therapy, or, more commonly known as What I Bought When I was Sad AF.

It’s not that I’ve never wanted a pet, I just don’t really know what to do with one. My mom was one of six kids, and my kickass grandmother raised all six of them with the help of her mother, after my grandfather was killed in the military. Half of my aunts/uncles went on to own animal friends, the other half went petless. I was one of those households. Currently, my mother has been in a 16 year long “discussion” with my step dad and brother that “it’s me or a dog”…we’ve yet to welcome a Husky into our home.

I say this only so you know the seriousness of our “No Pets Policy”.  I should say that somehow, around ’99, we acquired a brown bunny for Easter. I was told it was a FAMILY pet, but it was only ever me that cleaned her cage, walked her (yes, she had a leash), lovingly cuddled her, and carefully fed her (even when she got so mean she would attack anyone who went near her.) It was also me who cried her eyes out when we had to send her away to my aunt’s Rabbit Rehab, so she could live a more free life – which she never got to experience, as she had turned an irreversible hormonal corner, bit my cousin, and had to be sent to Bunny Heaven.

In 2012, me and my boyfriend at the time were moving into an apartment building that my company was renovating. During construction, doors and windows were left open, which allowed for all kinds of furry friends to visit. As we walked through the barren basement, I heard a noise that I couldn’t place. “What is that?” I asked. I started scanning the dark, empty rooms off of the hallway. The sounds got louder. “I think that’s a cat! But where the hell is it??” “Sarah, don’t move,” my partner said. I froze in a hunched stance. I looked at him, and he pointed up. I let my gaze follow his direction, and there, perched on some narrow pipes was the skinniest, cutest, loudest kitten I’d ever seen. “Oh my gosh! We have to save him!” So, off I went to grab a can of tuna, while my boyfriend assembled the necessary rescue tools. Once I got back, we coaxed the baby kitten onto a shovel where an open can of tuna was waiting, and then lowered him to safety. We played with him, fed him another can of tuna – which he happily devoured – and then tried to figure out what to do next. “First, we have to name him!” We decided on “Cinco”, in honor of the Cinco de Mayo holiday on which he was found.

Cinco proved to be very independent, and did not appreciate the cardboard house we made for him. He sprang out of the box, ran down the hall, and burrowed back into the hole in the wall, which had been his “home” for the past few weeks. No cans of tuna were luring him out this time. “We’ll come back to get him tomorrow and take him to a shelter,” my boyfriend said. So, the next morning, we went down into the basement and as soon as I started calling out “Cinco! Cinco!” the familiar little face scurried along the pipes and practically jumped into our arms!

Oh God, was I a cat person now??

We drove our beloved baby to the shelter, where we found out that “he” was actually a “she”. We filled out the paperwork, said our goodbyes, and left. We were heartbroken. “I’m just going to…uh…call and see if Cinco found a home…” my boyfriend would mumble, while he held the phone up to his ear. Day after day, she was still homeless. We finally decided that if we called the next day and she was still there, she was coming back home to be a part of our family. The following day, our hearts pounded as the shelter’s phone rang. “Calling about Cinco again?” the shelter volunteer laughed. “Well, you’re in luck.” My heart was bursting. She was ours! “She was just adopted today!” Our hope came crashing down, hard. My eyes welled up with tears as I mourned the loss of the pet that was never mine. “It’s OK, ” my boyfriend purred as he pet my head, “she’s off to a wonderful home where she’s going to be loved and grow up to be a happy little cat!” “But she was supposed to be our happy little cat!” I wailed. The sadness resurfaced the next day, when I saw her tiny paw prints in the dust of one of my storage spaces at work.

And now, the purpose of this long, gut-wrenching story. No, we didn’t go back to the shelter and rescue Cinco before her new owner could claim her. No, we didn’t go back to the shelter and adopt another happy little cat.

We went to Marshall’s and I picked out 2 new dresses for summer.

The point is: Once I found those printed maxi dresses, I felt better. Although they could never take the place of my sweet, sassy Cinco, they still brought me some joy. Retail Therapy is a real thing, at least for me. I’m willing to bet that half of my closet was gained through the devastating loss of a lover, cancelled plans with a fickle friend, or a disappointing call about the apartment that got leased out from under me.

So, here’s to the cats that become dresses, the missed brunches that become bracelets, and the missed hikes that become heels.

On The Hunt: Zella Leggings and Jesus

Happy Friday, Loves! Let’s get riiiiiight into it!


Am I the last woman alive who doesn’t own Nordstrom’s Zella Leggings?? Don’t answer that. Every blogger I know has mentioned buying them, loving them, and buying more. I even put them in my cart last week when I was going through a major shopping spree (MUST.BUY.EVERYTHING.) But, then I looked at my current legging collection, and my alter ego, Alexis, came out and was all, “Girl, where u gonna put them at? Yeah, thas right, you got no room in them draws.” Ugh. Who invited her?

Thank God I have a birthday coming up in June…

Apparently, the original Zella Live In High Waist Leggings are the perfect length for petite girls. Perfect! I’m 5′-2″!

But I also really like the look of an ankle pant, so maybe the Zella Live In 7/8 Leggings?

And for those of you who love pockets, the Zella Live In POCKET 7/8 Leggings!


Again, have I been living under a rock? How could I not have a pair of these Faux Leather lovlies?Or these slimming Faux Leather Moto mamas? Oh, that’s because I have at least 3 moto/faux leather style pants in my “draws” already. But, I need them, OK??Wait…what the ?? Did you know Spanx sells jeans?! Like, really, really cute Distressed Skinny Jeans?! Should I be ashamed of myself for A. Not knowing this and B. Wanting a pair? Again, don’t answer that. Good thing I’m looking for Jesus, because He’s the only one that can stop me now…


In theory, we all “need Jesus”. So, on my hunt to find Him, I came across these super cute inspirational tees. The past few years has got me l-o-v-i-n-g Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, not to harm you” and so, this darling tee from ButterflyDesignCo on Etsy is the perfect way to remind myself of that every time I wear it! And how cute does it look with some Converse sneakers and a plaid shirt (and some ripped jeans – obvi…)? 

This is also a really cute option from EllyandGrace on Etsy

I’m also seriously vibing on Ephesians 3:20, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine”, so this sweatshirt, also from ButterflyDesignCo does the trick.

OK, NOW I’ve found Jesus!

Happy Shopping!

❤ The Huntress

On The Hunt: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, Leopard Flats, and Off-The-Shoulder White Top

Every weekend I’m going to write about the things that I’m craving in more consistent “On The Hunt” posts! Let’s dive right in!

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Even as I’m typing this, I literally can’t believe that I’m looking for glorified mom jeans! 😂 Often, I think about different styles from my past and how at that time I would have been mortified to wear certain clothes that I wear now. Alternately, I think about how mortified I would be today if I had to parade around town in pedal pushers and a fuzzy pink sweater. Not like I wore that to a 7th grade dance or anything…On further thinking about this, that was the same dance where one of my classmates wore faux leather pants and a black top. Some of us were really ahead of the fashion curve. I’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t me.

If you followed my Instagram stories (@thehuntressblog) this past weekend, you would see that I DID end up scoring 2 pairs of distressed boyfriend jeans this weekend. I’m linking them here! I’ve also linked other options that I’d consider if I could try them on.

Here’s the link to the Kancan girlfriend jeans I bought from Palmetto Moon!! I’m SO excited I found them! They run True To Size to slightly big, so I would size down.

And I was finally able to locate these these Target jeans! Truth be told, I”m 5′-2″ and 122 lbs. I hold most of my weight in my lower abs and thighs, so often, jeans fit my thighs, but gap at the waist. Or fit at the waist, but are suctioned to my thighs. *shakes head* I bought these in a 0, but when I went online, to link them for you, I saw they had a 00 (which ended up fitting like a 3 or 5) The online description is different from the tag description, but I can confirm that they ARE the same. The physical tag says Wild Fable “High-Rise Mom Jean” in Washed Blue. I did buy them online and had them shipped to my closest store. I posted the Try On in my Stories, and returned the original pair (which is what I’m wearing in the photo). The smaller size fits more like a girlfriend jean – kinda straight leg, not baggy. I’ll wear them this weekend and snap a photo.  Again, they run big, so size down!

Click here for the link to these lovelies!

Leopard FLATS

I used to have a pair of these old Rocket Dogs flats, back when they were popular…

But, now, I’m looking for more of a sneaker, or pointy-toed look. I’m seeing them ALL over Insta, but I’m old-fashioned and I need to try things on. The lovely @sarahknuth just posted these from Nordstrom, but at $89.95, they’re a little too expensive for me…but they DO have hair-on-hide. Damn, that’s how they getchya. These platform sneakers from Amazon could be a good alternate for the Nordstrom pair!

Payless has SERIOUSLY been stepping it up, especially after that commercial where they show people paying 700 bucks for a pair of $20 heels *shakes head* So, I’m on their site right now, and these aren’t leopard flats, but…how cute are THESE?? They are totally a great dupe for this $100 Steve Madden pair! They have faux hair hide too! And they’re only $20.99, which only reinforces why I will NOT spend $90 on leopard sneakers at this point in my life.

I like the idea of a slide. And they’re super trendy, but I want to be able to walk comfortably, like, maybe a couple of blocks, and I’m imagining a lot of clopping around. Sometimes you just KNOW yourself. So, maybe these J. Crew Factory Zoe Calf Hair d’Orsay flats would be better? I get SO many emails from them notifying me of specials, and it looks like they have plenty in stock, so I’ll try them on in the store, and then wait until there’s a sale!And these are a little pricey, at $72.99, but they’re Dr. Scholl’s, so I think they’d be more comfortable, right?



I have a white long-sleeved PIKO top that I slept in once, which resulted in it being permanently stained with self-tanner 😦 I tried everything to get it out (“…and they used Bon Ami”)  I was able to wear it in my Insta stories this past Sunday when I was showing off my new Free People Adella Bralette and these Target Boyfriend Jeans. But I’d like something a little more fitted, casual, and classy. The kind of top you’d wear to brunch that says, “Oh, me? I woke up like this.”

Narrator: But, she did NOT wake up like this.

As I was writing this post, I realized I have about 8,612 white shirts in my closet, one of which happens to be an off-the shoulder white top from Victoria’s Secret a million (OK, 8) years ago. But, it’s super thin and never really lays right. Which always begs the question, “Why did I buy this?” Anyway, I’m still waiting for my super cute white Truly Madly Deeply peplum to arrive from Urban Outfitters, but in the meantime, I’ve found another Truly Madly Deeply top that nails the off-the-shoulder look.

And, although this one’s a sweater, it still has the same effortless vibe I’m after. It’s only $25 but I’ve never ordered from Boutiquefeel before. Is it legit?

And these are basically the same shirt. I think Lulu’s might have more in stock, so I’m linking it herebut I’d probably go with this Guess Factory option, because it’s on sale for only $19.00!And I knowww this isn’t a white top, but it’s cute AF and it needs to go on my “want” list 🙂