Word of the Year: 2017



Happy New Year! I’ve known for several years that 2017 was coming, but wow, did it get here fast!

When times are hard, it’s easy to say, “Yeah, that was just NOT my year…” And sometimes it really isn’t. It’s a contrast year, showing you everything you don’t want and making what you do want that much clearer.


My Word of the Year for 2016 was Present. It took me several months to get into the groove, but once I did, it was like the rapids, and it all came flowing so fast, I had no choice but to let go and enjoy the ride. And you just wouldn’t believe the presents that presented themselves. Presents in the form of laughter, in the form of friendship, in the form of love, in the form of money. Unreal, and yet so real!

I wanted to be fully accepting of where I am in my life right now. So I accepted.this-is-30

I wanted to start enjoying the current moments. So I enjoyed.abbey-laughing

I wanted to open my eyes to the glorious things that surround me today. So I opened them.post-5-years

I wish I could include all of the photos of everyone that showed me I am loved and filled with light. I wish I could post pictures of every place I went that confirmed that I am exactly where I am meant to be. I wish I could describe every conversation when I felt that there was no where else I’d rather be, but in that moment. Instead, I will say Thank You to the people who are special to me and filled 2016 with more joy than I could have anticipated.

Now that I’ve been living the high life, I’ve got to get into some deep sh…stuff. I’ve decided that my Word of the Year for 2017 is:

trust word in vintage grunge wooden letterpress printing blocks, isolated on white

Trust. Now that I’ve Loved, and Grown, and lived in the Present, I need to start trusting the process, trusting myself, and trusting others again.

It’s about being confident in my own life experiences to know when I’m making decisions that are leading me on my desired path.

It’s about knowing I can have everything I want, I just have to give up the control and know that it will appear when it’s time.

It’s about believing in myself to know that the trail my heart has already blazed, has only one option-to come to be. No more uncertainty.

I am SO looking forward to all of the joys that 2017 will bring!

What’s your word this year?


Word of the Year: 2016


Happy New Year!!

I can’t believe that another year has already gone by. It’s crazy! Last year, I posted about having a word of the year, instead of a resolution. And, well, I loved it so much, I’m doing it again!


2015 was a really transformative year for me. My word last year was Grow. And I feel that I did just that! I opened myself up to experiencing kindness and love from new people

sarah and chris 2016

I continued with therapy and proceeded to heal

therapy quote


I visited a place that I always wanted to go and considered what it would mean if I moved therecharleston 2015

And I moved into a new apartment!

(photos to come soon!)


So now that it is 2016, here is my word:



Often, I fast forward my life and become so caught up in what will happen or what is supposed to happen, that I forget to enjoy what IS happening. I feel that in order to be happier, I have to stop worrying about next year, stop trying to design my future, and just enjoy what life is offering me now.

Here’s to a year of serious enjoyment!