Word of the Year: 2016


Happy New Year!!

I can’t believe that another year has already gone by. It’s crazy! Last year, I posted about having a word of the year, instead of a resolution. And, well, I loved it so much, I’m doing it again!


2015 was a really transformative year for me. My word last year was Grow. And I feel that I did just that! I opened myself up to experiencing kindness and love from new people

sarah and chris 2016

I continued with therapy and proceeded to heal

therapy quote


I visited a place that I always wanted to go and considered what it would mean if I moved therecharleston 2015

And I moved into a new apartment!

(photos to come soon!)


So now that it is 2016, here is my word:



Often, I fast forward my life and become so caught up in what will happen or what is supposed to happen, that I forget to enjoy what IS happening. I feel that in order to be happier, I have to stop worrying about next year, stop trying to design my future, and just enjoy what life is offering me now.

Here’s to a year of serious enjoyment!


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