Photoshop Fun: Bungalow Love

So HJ and I went out into the city last night. After a few Blue Moons, it was revealed to me, that HJ misses Connecticut and wants to get back sooner rather than later. Now, this was not really a revelation, I already pretty much knew this all along, but we go back and forth about where we want to live, city, suburb, Philadelphia, New England City…so I thought I’d hit up Trulia today (like I wasn’t going to be on there anyway…) and check out some houses in the Northeast. That’s where I found this little guy:

He is from New Haven, and he is around $130,000. He is so cute, with a great price to boot! But he just needed some help from Photoshop to make him even more charming. Look at him here, now that he is all spruced up!

How lovely! I used this picture for inspiration:

I don’t have the source for this, just a google image search for “cape cods”. But he looks SOOO much better! OK, now I have to go pick up HJ from “Man Day” and go get groceries. Grrr, that means it’s the end of the weekend. I can’t wait to see what he thinks when I show him the original one! He’ll flip, “Ehh, I don’t really like it, it looks like a grandma’s house…” And then the after!!! 🙂 And that is what I choose to do with my time . lol.

*Update: Hunky J loved it!! Yay! My work is complete ❤


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