Photoshop Fun: I Hate My Kitchen!

Do you have this problem too?! Because TTC is a rental, we are not allowed to touch anything in the kitchen. We could paint, but I think it would only emphasize the horrible-ness of it all 😦 In blogland, I came across Diana from Our Vintage Home Love. Her family has the most beautiful kitchen:

The colors are so soothing and rich, but also light and airy, and what I like most about it, is the fact that it looks doable. I feel like I could really recreate this space and live here, not just photograph it. It definitely feels like the heart of their home. In fact, their whole house is stunning, I’m super envious, but that just makes me want to fix my kitchen even more! So I have some more Photoshop fun for your viewing pleasure! But first, the nasty pics, (can you tell I’m procrastinating because I am so embarrassed?)

GAAAHHH! Please, Make the Ugliness Stop! But it doesn’t, it just keeps on comin’…

We cover it up so you can’t see it…

Uggh, look at those yellow brick floors hiding under that rug. Why does it look even worse in photographs??

So starting with the my before photo, I am using my old friend Photoshop to recreate Diana’s beautiful kitchen (below) in my unfortunate space.

Here she is with the pot rack:

And now with a wonderful farmhouse chandelier:

So?? Isn’t it torturous that we can’t fix it up like this?! Maybe one day…just keep $aving


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