Since 2006

This weekend, I would like to do a post about the greatest love of my life, Hunky J. We celebrated 5 years together on the 11th, and so, in honor of 11-11-11, I would like to list 11 reasons why I could not do it without him 🙂


1. You are silly. You always know how to make me laugh, so many times a day. Your “otter-like joy” is contagious and I look forward to what you have to say everyday. “Is it all rubbed in?”

2. You are ambitious. You dream big. No challenge is too great for you to tackle.

3. You are loving and kind. You know how to balance being strong and masculine with being gentle and considerate.

4. You have a wonderful family. You have wonderful role models for how to sustain a long-lasting relationship. The values they instilled in you are evident in how you live your life.

5. No matter how far away we are, you always make me feel like I am home. You make me feel safe and secure wherever we are.

6. You are observant. You see nature with wide eyes and never miss an opportunity to show me things that I would never have seen without you there.

7. You are helpful. You always give into me and agree to make my dreams come true.

8. You are supportive. You understand my visions and passions and encourage me to make them happen.

9. You are persistent. You don’t let others discourage you and you never stop going after what you want…including me!

10. Your deep voice is captivating. You emanate strength and reliability, even if you’re just a “kid in his underwear”.

11. You are cute tome. Yes, tome. Your sweet, soft eyes and chipped tooth get me every time 🙂


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