Oh, Deer!


As reluctant as I am to admit this, I have become a fan of the antler craze. I mean, maybe I am getting in at the “white-tail”-end of it, but I cannot hold back any longer. This post is about my attempt to get my 10-points on some 10-points!

I saw a really creative blog post, but of course, I can’t remember where, but if I come across it, I will def revise this post! Anyway, the creative blogess decided she would buy a cheap plastic deer head on ebay and spray paint it white. The end result looked great, but when I went on ebay, the same one was going for $60+. Too much. Hmmm, so I did some searching, and then I found this one for $30!

Score! I attacked Hunky J with questions, Do you think its made of wood? How big do you think it is? When do you think it will get here? Do you like it? Couldn’t you see it up on the mantle? WIll you help me put it up? He is so good, he said all of the right answers-he knows how to appease me! So, a few days later,  he proudly presented me with a mail-slip, telling me our deer friend was in. It was in a pretty large box, so I was confident that it was the size I was hoping for, which was a realistic 3′-0″ expanse between antlers. What occurred with the boxes was more like this:

Yeah, I guess you get what you pay for. Here is the actual size:

AND it wasn’t wood, it was 5 lbs. of pure metal. Womp. Womp. But then it kind of started to grow on me, and I began to imagine it in a little Christmas arrangement on the wall. And then I saw the exact same one on the Anthropologie website, which also reinforced that I know cool when I see it 🙂 A few days later, however, I was at my Mothership. You know, it rhymes with CKLaxx??? Two beautiful wood carved antlers met my eyes, but I was there for work buying some new inventory, so I had to restrain myself. Of course, I couldnt get them out of my mind, so I went back a few days later and found 1 last pair of these puppies hiding on a bottom shelf!

Actual Size:

Yeah, that’s more like it. The price was a little more than this stylista would like to pay
but I have a feeling these guys will “hang” around for a while!

5 thoughts on “Oh, Deer!

  1. Sarah K. says:

    I think i’m stalking your blog. And your version of this story was funnier than Suz re-telling it to me after she heard it.

    You’re a smart cookie pretty girl, I’m really enjoying your decorating stories 🙂

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