Junk in my Trunk

Hey! Here is the post I promised about this treasure:

Not only is she a beauty, but she stores like a beast! I have my magazines and old design textbooks stowed inside.

I bought her when I was in design school, and she held my supplies in the studio. When I was looking back then, I noticed a lot of trendy-colored ones, like teal and pink, but I wanted something a little more timeless. And what is more classic than chocolate brown croc? I love, love, love this piece, and honestly, if I didn’t already own it, I would vow to get my mitts on it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have its own place to shine. But, she really is a showstopper, as you can tell. And I’m hoping she can make more of an appearance one day!

I know you are wondering how much I dished out for this stunner. Well, she was a bit of a splurge at $130.00. Yikes. All worth it 🙂

I was hoping that there was a tag inside with the manufacturer name, but I couldn’t find one. Its probably buried underneath all of the stuff! If I do come across it, I will do an update to this post.

Get ready for a post about some amazing lamps that I came across while treasure hunting with HJ on our anniversary weekend…


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